Baleful Tezzeret

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Legacy is a place where the brand new Planechase (2012 edition) cards are legal, and Douglas McKay put one of them to good use this past weekend at the StarCityGames.com Open Series! Running a rogue Tezzeret deck featuring four copies of a brand new Planechase card, Douglas cruised into 11th place!

Starting with six moxes—four Chrome Mox and two Mox Opal—this deck is capable of some quick starts. A turn-one Dimir Signet leads right into a turn-two Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas, or Jace, the Mind Sculptor, setting the pace of the game. If your opponents aren't playing speedy combo decks, they're going to have big problems dealing with that kind of threat!

How do you hold them off until then? Ensnaring Bridge plays a huge role, locking most creature decks out of attacking. At that point, Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas can just tick up, biding time until you can drain your opponent out. Baleful Strix also serves a crucial role here, trading with early attackers without costing a card—and even swinging for 1 under Ensnaring Bridge when necessary!

But don't presume this is only a control deck—it can also go on the offensive when necessary! Fettergeist can start swinging in for 3-point chunks quickly thanks to the moxes, and turning artifact lands into 5/5s with Tezzeret will put your opponent on the back foot.

This deck is unlike anything recently seen in Legacy, all held together by the Little Strix That Could. What steps are next? Could something like Chronozoa even see play in a deck like this? Give it a try for yourself and see how it plays firsthand!

Douglas McKay's Tezzeret Control
Legacy – Top 16, StarCityGames.com Open Series

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