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The exciting Modern format was showcased on Magic Online this past weekend, as a premier event at half the cost brought people out to play. Anything and everything seems to be viable, from midrange to combo to control... and, of course, beatdown! _Megafone_ brought a hyper-aggressive Rakdos burn deck to the table. Sporting only nineteen lands and the best burn spells printed in the past nine years, this deck is tuned to kill you in short order!

This deck contains some of the culprits you might expect. Goblin Guide leads the pack, and both Lava Spike and Bump in the Night quickly send your opponent's life total spiraling toward 0. Even Shard Volley joins the fray as an additional way to deal 3! With a total of twenty-six ways to deal 3 or more damage for one mana, your opponent is put on a lightning-quick clock.

Faithless Looting is one of the key cards here, digging this deck closer to its burn. Thunderous Wrath is phenomenal when paid for its miracle cost, but nigh-uncastable if stuck in your opening hand. Faithless Looting allows you to toss them—and any excess lands—away in favor of more effective cards.

If you like attacking on a budget, this is a great choice for Modern that will result in some fast and furious games! Take a look at the decklist below.

_Megafone_'s Rakdos
Modern – Top 8, Magic Online Premier Event #3946184

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