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Grand Prix Manila this past weekend featured an array of exciting decks tuned to beat the top dogs of the format. One of the most-discussed cards in Standard is Delver of Secrets, and Taipei player Dell Sun brought a different twist on the popular one-drop: Blue-Red-Green Delver! Taking a note out of the Legacy and Modern playbooks, this Standard adaptation caused quite a stir, catapulting the deck into the Top 16.

Some draws this deck is capable of resemble the blue-white menace that so often skitters among the top tables: Delver, Snapcaster Mage, Gitaxian Probe, Mana Leak, Vapor Snag, Ponder, and so on. Starting with the core of one of the best-finishing decks in the format is never a bad place to begin!

However, a cast of red cards make this a little more unique. Pillar of Flame and Bonfire of the Damned provide some additional removal spells. But where things become really exciting is Huntmaster of the Fells! The super-powerful four-drop can help continue an early assault even further, pushing opponents on their back foot. The 2/2 token plus the threat of flipping is powerful—and it's not exactly a creature an opponent will want to Vapor Snag either!

If you're interested in a newer take on the Delver phenomenon, this deck is something to take a look at. View the decklist below, and don't miss the interview with the deck's creator Tzu Ching Kuo on the Grand Prix Manila coverage!

Dell Sun's Blue-Red-Green Delver
Standard – Top 16, Grand Prix Manila

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