Round 9 Pairings

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Table Player Opponent
  Bunyan, Joseph J [CAN] vs * BYE *
  Zafra, Marcel Angelo C [CAN] vs * BYE *
  Bax, will c [CAN] vs * BYE *
  Fettback, Brandon M [CAN] vs * BYE *
  Siow, Lucas E [USA] vs * BYE *
  Moir, Ben [CAN] vs * BYE *
  Patelakis, Steve [CAN] vs * BYE *
  Tremblay, Mathieu [CAN] vs * BYE *
1 Thibeault, Vincent [CAN] vs Gauthier, Martin-Eric [CAN]
2 Duncan, Kyle A [CAN] vs Boyce, Aaron L [CAN]
3 Long, Noah S [CAN] vs Moore, Grayson R [CAN]
4 Baxter, Jeff [CAN] vs Naylor, Jamie [CAN]
5 Birthelmer, Marty W [CAN] vs Daoust, Guillaume [CAN]
6 Maynard, Pascal [CAN] vs Robert, Yan [CAN]
7 Xie, Charles [CAN] vs Tharmaratnam, Samuel [CAN]
8 Elarar, Jasar S [CAN] vs Bower, Devin D [CAN]
9 Kramer, Daniel [CAN] vs Anderson, Marc [CAN]
10 Dos Remedios, Aaron K [CAN] vs Vance, Mike J [CAN]
11 Moulton, Jesse C [CAN] vs gagnon, Chris J [CAN]
12 Stern, Jon [CAN] vs Routledge, Andrew [CAN]
13 Galves, Victor S [CAN] vs Cormier, Francis [CAN]
14 Gardiner, Steven [CAN] vs Altgauzen, Yevgeni [CAN]
15 Chreptyk, Brandon [CAN] vs Machabee, Danny m [CAN]
16 Desrosiers, Benoît [CAN] vs Ketita, Nassim [CAN]
17 Caplan, David M [CAN] vs blaschek, stuart [CAN]
18 Olsen, Jeff B [CAN] vs Macmullin, Matthew [CAN]
19 Selk, Patrick R [CAN] vs Salahub, Nelson [CAN]
20 Gaudreault, Eric [CAN] vs Raska, Mark G [CAN]
21 Boutin, Jon [CAN] vs savignac, jean-francoi [CAN]
22 Neigel, Barrett [CAN] vs Boa, Andrew J [CAN]
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