Round 1 Pairings - Green Bracket - Grand Prix–Boston 2009

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Table Player Opponent
Akimov, Akim V [RUS] * Awarded Bye *
An, Kevin [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Andersen, Christoffer [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Anderson, Marc [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Anderson, Robert A [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Artese, Alex A [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Ashton, Tommy M [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Azzano, Doug M [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Bacine, Noah C [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Barnello, Adam [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Barrentine, Scott D [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Batchelor, Justin T [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Beasley, Orrin A [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Beckemeyer, Dustin C [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Becvar, Nick [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Bennett, Michael A [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Berger, Eric [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Bernard, Paul [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Berrios, Stephen A [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Bertoncini, Alex S [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Beverley, Matthew T [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Bielick, Scott K [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Bishop, James [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Blackman, Brett [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Boccio, Matthew T [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Bond, Stephen [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Brooks, Daniel J [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Brown, Maxwell R [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Bulnes, Armando G [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Burnett, Kai [USA] * Awarded Bye *
C. Borges, Bruno De Ar [BRA] * Awarded Bye *
Calarco, Ricky A [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Calcano, Christian [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Cammilleri, Michael A [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Campbell, Blaine [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Cannistraro, Michael [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Cardin, Guillaume [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Castro, Roberto [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Chamberlain, Adam N [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Chang, Morgan M [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Chapin, Patrick A [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Chapman, Ben [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Cheney, Duncan M [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Childress, Ian [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Choma, Tom M [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Clark, Michael N [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Clougherty, John J [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Colic, Alexander [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Coons, Kyle J [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Coqueiro, Rafael S [BRA] * Awarded Bye *
Cores, Ari S [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Correia, Derrick [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Correia, Kevin B [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Cosovic, Dejan [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Costello, Anthony J [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Costello, James J [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Cowley, Bruce C [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Crane, Patrick R [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Croes, Ben A [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Culligan, Michael J [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Cuvelier, John P [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Da Rosa, Paulo Vitor D [BRA] * Awarded Bye *
Davis, Robb W [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Day, Michael T [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Defresco, Joseph R [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Dembinski, Kyle D [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Detora, Melissa J [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Detwiler, Nick S [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Dillahay, Carl W [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Dipalma, Robert J [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Domlack, Jeremy A [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Dorr, Brendan J [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Drake, Thomas C [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Drebsky, David D [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Dubois, Joe A [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Dufour, David J [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Duke, Ian W [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Duke, Reid [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Egolf, Marlon [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Elderfield, Darien C [USA] * Awarded Bye *
English, Eric [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Etgar, Amit [ISR] * Awarded Bye *
Evaristo, Thomas M [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Ewing, Joseph [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Felske, David K [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Fennell, Chris A [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Fox, Curtis W [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Franklin, Eric S [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Fredricks, Gery [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Freeman, Wilson C [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Fuentes, Calosso L [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Gamble, Paul G [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Garcia, Mark T [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Gareau, Adrian [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Gatica, Miguel [CRI] * Awarded Bye *
Genkins, Daniel N [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Giaquinto, Frank M [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Gibson, William T [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Gill, Bryon D [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Gilmartin, Justin [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Greenbaum, Micah [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Greenspan, Howard A [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Gregg, Tony E [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Guzzardi, Joe R [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Hall-eastman, Jonathan [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Harvie, Donovan C [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Hayne, Alexander [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Hobler, Seneca F [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Holland, Kitt P [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Hom, Kevin [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Howard, David C [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Howe, Joshua D [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Huberty, Henry M [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Huffnagle, Nathan A [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Jackson, Allen S [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Jacobson, Josh [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Jannen, Bill K [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Jarman, Brad [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Jensen, Axel C [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Jolin, Gregory [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Jones, Jared [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Kambourakis, Joseph C [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Kastner, Donald [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Kaynes, Michael K [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Keaveny, Joseph J [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Kemper, Gregory J [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Knuepp, Marc-alexandre [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Kolowith, Tommy [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Koresko, Jason R [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Kramer, Daniel [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Krug, Andrew O [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Kunkel, Jeremy [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Lara Reinhold, Marcos [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Larson, Ben L [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Le Pine, Mark E [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Lebedowicz, Osyp I [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Levitt, Adam [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Lewis, Scott A [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Li, Chen [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Li, Hai [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Li, Phillip [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Liang, Yong Li [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Lindo, Aaron M [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Lippincott, Don F [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Littman, Fai D [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Lundberg, Jason W [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Lundquist, Benjamin R [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Lyons, Paul L [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Madonia, John [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Magby, Mike R [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Mahler, Hans W [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Manfield, Seth [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Manning, Christopher B [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Mannion, Cody [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Marchesano, Ernie [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Marshall, Shawn P [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Martens, Joey R [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Martin, Jamie Joy [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Mcfadden, Robert E [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Mcnamara, David [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Mead, Forrest W [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Mendonca, Justin A [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Mercado, Guillermo [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Mercier, Frederic [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Mezger, Richard [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Moir, Ben [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Morway, Donald A [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Moses, Josh B [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Mowshowitz, Zvi S [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Muir, Jeremy C [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Mulrooney, Ryan P [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Murphy, Ben [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Naimoli, John P [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Napoli, Phillip A [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Neiman, Luis G [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Nelson, Brad J [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Nezin, Alec M [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Nguyen, Richard Q [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Nielsen, Bill [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Nolan, David S [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Nordstrom, Erik [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Norton, Christopher A [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Nunes, James [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Olmeda, Justin C [USA] * Awarded Bye *
O'mahoney-schwartz, St [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Palermo, Julian J [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Pargh, David J [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Pargh, William C [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Patnode, Nicholas [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Peacock, Robert C [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Pease, Nate [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Peters, Brian [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Pham, Daniel H [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Phraner, Ryan J [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Piazza, Brett C [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Pierce, Jared M [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Pikula, Chris P [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Pimm, Douglas [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Pincus, Max [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Pirkey, James [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Pozsgay, Michael T [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Prieto, Danilo [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Pyka, Jeff [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Racht, Adam [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Rapp, Nicholas D [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Rasmussen, Ben D [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Ravitz, Joshua P [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Rietzl, Paul R [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Rochat, Peter S [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Rom?o, Carlos E [BRA] * Awarded Bye *
Ross, Daniel A [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Ruan, Kai [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Sadin, Steven [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Saitou, Tomoharu [JPN] * Awarded Bye *
Sandrock, Eric [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Sanguinetti, James [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Schmaltz Tziritas, Mat [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Schmidt, Joseph D [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Schneider, Brian [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Scott-vargas, Luis D [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Shaheen, Anthony [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Shell, Alexander P [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Shiels, David [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Shvartsman, Alex [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Skarren, Frank [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Skolnik, Yoni [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Smith, Eric [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Snook, Adam C [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Sontum, Matt [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Spagnolo, Nicholas [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Spears, Jason D [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Sperling, Matt [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Spinner, Seth [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Spring, Ryan [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Stark, Ben S [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Strong, Tom R [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Sukenik, Jonathan [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Swartz, Ben A [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Sylva, R. Jared [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Tautic, Raymond J [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Teitel, Trevor [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Terra, Hugo S [BRA] * Awarded Bye *
Thanakit, Kevin [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Thompson, Gerry [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Timmons, Patrick A [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Tomik, Steve M [CAN] * Awarded Bye *
Utter-leyton, Josh W [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Vanwert, Chris C [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Vargas, Andrew R [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Verno, Aharon [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Wall, Owen M [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Wechsler, Simon M [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Weinberger, Andrew G [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Whitfield, Kory J [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Williams, David A [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Wurzer, Mike T [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Yam, Philip [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Yatsenko, Alex [RUS] * Awarded Bye *
Yeung, Wilbert D [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Yu, Jarvis K [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Yurchick, Adam M [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Zheng, Frank F [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Ziparo, Thomas J [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Zivelin, Nadav [ISR] * Awarded Bye *
Siow, Lucas E [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Guo, Orie [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Lim, Teng Chi [SGP] * Awarded Bye *
Steht, Lee G [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Davis, Jim I [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Smith, Oswell S [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Tietze, Harrison G [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Tietze, Max B [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Adams, Ken G [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Lewis, Jonathan D [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Glavin, Lucas C [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Mutolo, Zach [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Jackson, John M [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Majlaton, Alex S [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Cesari, Paolo G [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Schwartz, Gabriel P [USA] * Awarded Bye *
Spector, David A [USA] * BYE *
83 Brown, Arthur W [USA] vs. Adam, Gaudreau M [USA]
210 Potvin, Matt [USA] vs. Adelman, Benjamin [USA]
143 Ellis, Kevin [USA] vs. Angele, Matt R [USA]
220 Dixon, Tom E [USA] vs. Arruda, Brian [USA]
20 Larsen, Joe [USA] vs. Avery, Garth [USA]
71 Wadden, Bill [USA] vs. Bakstran, Gordon H [USA]
181 Clark, Timothy [USA] vs. Barbien, John [USA]
160 Gallo, Blake F [USA] vs. Baron, Pete N [USA]
154 Force, Jonathan [USA] vs. Barry Sr., Paul [USA]
147 Evans, Michael J [USA] vs. Batoris, Chris [USA]
25 Peryea, Trevor [USA] vs. Baum, Nathan [USA]
78 Brodskiy, Oleg [USA] vs. Beebe, Travis S [USA]
183 Frank, Dean R [USA] vs. Benben, Daniel [USA]
2 Leone, James [USA] vs. Beresford, John [USA]
4 Dunning, Edward [USA] vs. Berger, Austin [USA]
43 Choo, Benjamin [USA] vs. Bergstrom, Michael [USA]
146 Rochman, Chris G [USA] vs. Bernard, Matthew R [CAN]
167 Woods, James M [USA] vs. Berry, Lynn D [USA]
68 Brown, Grant [USA] vs. Bindbeutel, Johnathan [USA]
98 Hannon, Kevin [USA] vs. Blankenship, Brandon [USA]
60 Berry, Thomas S [USA] vs. Bonventre, Richard [USA]
141 Allen, Jonathan [USA] vs. Borysenko, Alex [USA]
123 Morin, Phillip [USA] vs. Boulden, William [USA]
72 Baglio, Matthew D [USA] vs. Bourque, Richard J [USA]
120 Ng, Sherwin S [USA] vs. Burris, Josh [USA]
187 Calder, Paul F [USA] vs. Cameron, Matthew [USA]
39 Gradomski, Ann [USA] vs. Capriolo, Paul A [USA]
194 Anstey, Matt [USA] vs. Carkin, Randel [USA]
109 Ferris, Bob C [USA] vs. Carlage, Jay P [USA]
19 Smolensky, Nathan [USA] vs. Carty, Chris M [USA]
215 Jannen, Alec J [USA] vs. Cheung, Culver [USA]
88 Coggins, Jake [USA] vs. Cheung, Matthew Y [USA]
236 Rosa, William [USA] vs. Chewning, Jeffrey J [USA]
122 Orr, Jim G [USA] vs. Ciurczak, Zachary [USA]
99 Eisenhauer, Mike J [USA] vs. Cohen, Noah [USA]
61 Berry, Tyler [USA] vs. Comerford, Sean E [USA]
111 Slattery, Collin J [USA] vs. Conti, Charles F [USA]
84 Pace, Anthony [USA] vs. Conti, Christopher M [USA]
171 Yang, Jincheng [USA] vs. Cooper, Ryan [USA]
92 Bradford, Harry L [USA] vs. Cordoves, Joe A [USA]
144 Feeley, Sam [USA] vs. Cournoyer, Simon [CAN]
208 Menard, Michael [USA] vs. Craven, Mackey [USA]
231 Cain, Sean A [USA] vs. Crawford, Stuart T [USA]
10 Baker, Timothy [USA] vs. Crouse, Adam [USA]
127 Moore, John B [USA] vs. Cusson, Patrick [USA]
23 Vandall, Corey D [USA] vs. Dalton, Michael [USA]
105 Villan, Julian [USA] vs. Deister, Will J [USA]
164 White, Andrew [USA] vs. Denault-reynolds, Hila [USA]
46 Snow, Christopher W [USA] vs. Desai, Justin [USA]
196 Piela, Ben [USA] vs. Digiacomo, Anthony J [USA]
134 Sale, Daniel [USA] vs. Donato, Matthew [USA]
133 Langer, Brian [USA] vs. Doolittle, Lawrence [USA]
113 Liang, Jiunn Min [USA] vs. Dortman, Josh A [USA]
148 Riley, Erin [USA] vs. Doucet, Chris [USA]
69 Jacques, Mike [USA] vs. Drummond, Anthony V [USA]
31 Fyffe, Colin [USA] vs. Dubay, Shane E [USA]
199 Phillips, Morgan D [USA] vs. Duke, Adam [USA]
182 Sargent, Shane C [USA] vs. Duncan, Michael [USA]
157 Manly, Trevor C [USA] vs. Duterte, Daniel C [USA]
158 Courcy, Dan [USA] vs. Egli, Adam J [USA]
34 Neff, Daniel [USA] vs. Engel, Nicholas [USA]
95 Mai, Quoc C [USA] vs. Erskine, Ryan [USA]
32 Kaminski, Steve R [USA] vs. Evans, Matty W [USA]
126 Reilly, Steve M [USA] vs. Faulk, Ben [USA]
238 Passell, Brendan S [USA] vs. Fenstermaker, Tyler [USA]
59 Sinclair, Heather M [USA] vs. Finlayson-schueler, Br [USA]
33 Wenzler, Scott A [USA] vs. Fleisher, Ryan [USA]
176 Mosin, Aubrey [USA] vs. Flete, George A [USA]
151 Tweedly, Jarrid R [USA] vs. Flibotte, Pat [USA]
132 Lin, Win [USA] vs. Forguites, George [USA]
163 Quon, Daniel B [USA] vs. Fuentes, Oscar E [USA]
189 Therkorn, Richard [USA] vs. Furfari, Tommy [USA]
177 Grimes, Zachary E [USA] vs. Fusco, Don [USA]
207 Edwards, Susan C [CAN] vs. Gallant, Chris F [USA]
185 Zhou, Albert [USA] vs. Gamzu, Amir [USA]
184 Kelly, Thompson P [USA] vs. Garos, Chris [USA]
37 Durand-reville, Thomas [USA] vs. Gemme, Mike [USA]
165 Pirro, Myles [USA] vs. Gens, Jason [USA]
58 Grippa, Robert [USA] vs. Germain, Brandon [USA]
121 Skinner, John [USA] vs. Gesualdi, Chris [USA]
36 Abbate, Matt [USA] vs. Gillis, Jarrod [USA]
192 Jackson, Nathaniel [USA] vs. Godin, Willie [USA]
180 Miller, Anthony R [USA] vs. Godshall, Brian [USA]
195 Duhaime, April A [USA] vs. Goldin, Donald [USA]
65 Hoynh, Anthony [USA] vs. Gordon, David J [USA]
93 Flores, Edgar [USA] vs. Gordon, Mike P [USA]
201 Halinka, Donnie V [USA] vs. Greene, Brian C [USA]
62 Connor, Andrew [USA] vs. Greenspan, Aaron [USA]
228 Sanders, Joshua M [USA] vs. Griffin, Blair C [USA]
203 Flanders, Charlie [USA] vs. Groski, Travis [USA]
108 Wicht, Jordan W [USA] vs. Growke, Vince [USA]
206 Syed, James P [USA] vs. Guedj, Colin L [USA]
166 Shields, Jharick J [USA] vs. Gutknecht, Rene [CAN]
124 Novakowski, George D [USA] vs. Haefele, Joe [USA]
44 Moses, Robert J [USA] vs. Hamblet, Eli [USA]
94 Markowitz, Jonathan [USA] vs. Hamel, Dave W [USA]
9 Boyer, Billy [USA] vs. Hardin, John [USA]
179 Glazier, Jeffrey A [USA] vs. Harris, Ezra B [USA]
186 Mueser, Benjamin W [USA] vs. Heinz, Luke W [USA]
221 Birol, John [USA] vs. Herrmann, Nate [USA]
234 Brown, Nate [USA] vs. Hijazi, Mathew [CAN]
169 Coleman, Corey [USA] vs. Hinoiosa, Scott [USA]
230 Hartman, Dan [USA] vs. Ho, Christopher [USA]
155 Hudson, Josh [USA] vs. Hoffman, James [USA]
188 Ladouceur, Travis [USA] vs. Holt, Calvin [USA]
237 Yeung, Ling [USA] vs. Hopkins, Nathan E [USA]
175 Schwander, Michael T [USA] vs. Huang, Ray R [USA]
51 Acheson, Mark T [CAN] vs. Iramain, Jorge A [USA]
168 Gagne, Tim [USA] vs. Jimney, Matt [USA]
156 Martins, Matthew [USA] vs. Johnson, Philip E [USA]
138 Castillo, Franklyn [USA] vs. Jones, Travis O [USA]
115 Hayes, Ben [USA] vs. Jordan, Chris M [USA]
28 Johnston, Daniel F [USA] vs. Kaplan, Michael [USA]
198 Johnson, James [USA] vs. Katz, Billy [USA]
63 Bursey, Joshua E [USA] vs. Ketita, Nassim [CAN]
56 Olsen, Dan [USA] vs. Kheyfets, Greg [USA]
29 Hartberger, Paul T [USA] vs. Klein, Elizabeth A [CAN]
116 Boettcher, Jared [USA] vs. Kobayashi, Matthew H [USA]
106 Padinha, Stephen J [USA] vs. Kokkinos, Constantinos [USA]
117 Chapman, Ryan [USA] vs. Kowalczyk, Adam B [USA]
129 Leigh, Joe [USA] vs. Labarbara, Karl [USA]
85 Cannata, David [USA] vs. Lacasse, John R [USA]
101 Coggins, Nichol M [USA] vs. Laclaire, Larry M [USA]
89 Tait, Robert W [USA] vs. Lavigne, Keith [USA]
104 Zwyer, Edward D [USA] vs. LeBlanc, Marc [USA]
30 Mcgrath, Matthew [USA] vs. Ledford, Mitchell S [USA]
145 Chin, Richard [USA] vs. Lees, Jason [USA]
11 Ricciardelli, Nick [USA] vs. Leidner, Ronald [USA]
174 Allard, Steven J [USA] vs. Lewis-lerman, Oliver [USA]
3 Higgins, Tyler [USA] vs. Lima, Nikolas [USA]
70 Hill, Dan [USA] vs. Lindgren, Nick [USA]
226 Broderick, Zach R [USA] vs. Lippitt, Ethan A [USA]
80 Bottcher, Chris [USA] vs. Livitz, Dimitri G [USA]
219 Sosna, Ryan [USA] vs. Lovinger, Dylan [USA]
81 Hall, Lloyd A [USA] vs. Macy, Justin [USA]
24 Doyle, Michael [USA] vs. Major, Alexander [USA]
172 Serignese, Paul C [USA] vs. Martelli, Max M [USA]
125 Massicotte, Miles [USA] vs. Martineau, Randy [USA]
232 Cook, Narayan [USA] vs. Mason, Ben J [USA]
18 Jackson, Matthew [USA] vs. Mathews, Keith [USA]
170 Hughes, Michael [USA] vs. Mayer, Andrey [USA]
26 Marcotte, Ryan [USA] vs. Mcbroom Ii, John [USA]
136 Jack, Nathaniel [USA] vs. Mcgrath, Colin C [USA]
40 Peng, William [USA] vs. Mclaughlin, Charles [USA]
214 Schwartz, Greg S [USA] vs. Mertes, Andrew F [USA]
241 Hart, Nick [USA] vs. Mills, Michael C [CAN]
82 Gilbert, Nicholas S [USA] vs. Minas, Bashir [USA]
200 Horton, Nathaniel [USA] vs. Montecalvo, Derek [USA]
131 Martin, Jesse P [USA] vs. Morgan, Rob [USA]
137 Noel, Michael [USA] vs. Morgan, Sean J [USA]
64 Glanovsky, Steve E [USA] vs. Morison, Kyle [USA]
240 Walsh, Sean L [USA] vs. Morris, James [USA]
96 Firth, Clifford [USA] vs. Muraca, Nick [USA]
15 Ross, Jonathan D [USA] vs. Musser, Dan L [USA]
224 Gilbert, Greg [USA] vs. Myers, Denton [USA]
5 Reinhout, Nolan E [USA] vs. Nguyen, Yen [USA]
87 Peterson, Joe M [USA] vs. Nordlund, Zachary S [USA]
8 Forbes, Jason [USA] vs. Nota, Al [USA]
91 Dillich, Frank R [USA] vs. O'brien, Andrew [USA]
218 Ellis, Jason [USA] vs. O'connor, Marc [USA]
53 Fish, Jess L [USA] vs. O'dowd, Brendan P [USA]
103 Budnick, Christopher E [USA] vs. Otsu, Yoshi B [CAN]
135 Bailey, Sam [USA] vs. Pallone, Eric P [USA]
14 Bowtiuch, Steve A [USA] vs. Pappas, Diana [USA]
50 Kelahan, Seamus [USA] vs. Paschover, Marc [USA]
107 Brett, Robert F [USA] vs. Peters, Stephen [USA]
52 Yoder, Scott [USA] vs. Petitte, Jennifer [USA]
150 Browning, Amelia [USA] vs. Pierce, Dan [USA]
42 Petrosillo, Alex A [USA] vs. Post, Steven [USA]
49 Asulin, Jordan [USA] vs. Prieto, Luis Delfin [USA]
153 Toyota, Shinpei [JPN] vs. Quanello, Lee F [USA]
213 Beloin, Dave J [USA] vs. Race, Allan K [USA]
97 Shields, Alex J [USA] vs. Raymond, Brian [USA]
239 Weber, John M [USA] vs. Remmes, Jim [USA]
21 Bhushan, Ambika [USA] vs. Repp, Peter A [USA]
17 Da Rocha, Christopher [CAN] vs. Rider, Derek S [USA]
190 Meadows, Gerald [USA] vs. Rider, Ethan J [USA]
66 Nakon, Nikolai [USA] vs. Rifkind, Ryan [USA]
128 Stricoff, Jacob [USA] vs. Roebuck, Michael [USA]
193 Robichaud, Adam [USA] vs. Roush, Jacob H [USA]
6 Stevens, Hanna [USA] vs. Roy, Joe M [USA]
90 Demander, Carl [USA] vs. Scalia, Matt [USA]
149 Hawkins, Richie [USA] vs. Scheier, Garrett C [USA]
12 Oliver, Paul H [USA] vs. Schlagel, Jeffrey J [USA]
223 Gregory, Lorne [USA] vs. Schnayer, David G [CAN]
45 Thompson, Matt J [USA] vs. Schneider, John [USA]
209 Wood, Patrick [USA] vs. Schuller, Mike E [USA]
110 Gagliardo, Anthony [USA] vs. Sears, Charles L [USA]
86 Mueller, Anthony C [USA] vs. Sebastian, Andy [USA]
35 Hunt, Dan [USA] vs. Seitz, Scott [USA]
47 Salinas, David [USA] vs. Shadd-simmons, Tristan [USA]
102 Baroni, Steve [USA] vs. Shaler, Russell [USA]
212 Silberman, Phil [USA] vs. Sharkey, Andrew [USA]
27 Chabot, Craig L [USA] vs. Shea, Don [USA]
38 Bower, Seth M [USA] vs. Shea, Ethan [USA]
67 Walauski, Travis [USA] vs. Sheridan, Brendan [USA]
229 White, Mark A [USA] vs. Short, Stephen [USA]
41 Vallies, Matt [USA] vs. siliekus, mike [USA]
216 Garett, Max [USA] vs. Simoneau, Danny R [USA]
54 Formichella, Ethan J [USA] vs. Smelski, Jeremy [USA]
217 O'brien, William [USA] vs. Smith, David [USA]
139 Mcclure, Tom J [USA] vs. Smith, Josh [USA]
118 Mathis, Tyler W [USA] vs. Smith, Tim J [USA]
7 Williams, Toby J [USA] vs. Solorio, Bob P [USA]
55 Roche, Steven M [USA] vs. Stafford, Matthew A [USA]
13 Mcmanus, Scott [USA] vs. Stechler, Kevin [USA]
178 Bederka, Alan [USA] vs. Stojak, Peter [USA]
211 Anderson, Trevor [USA] vs. Stuhlman, Asher L [USA]
225 Alatis, Eric [USA] vs. Sund, Aerick [USA]
73 Fujii, Dai [JPN] vs. Taft, Jake [USA]
77 Boehm, Greg [USA] vs. Tang, Yang [USA]
112 Boling, Cannon D [USA] vs. Tanner, Adam K [USA]
75 Roman, Andrew W [USA] vs. Taylor, Steven [USA]
74 Panas, Michael [USA] vs. Thieringer, Rob [USA]
197 Singer, Ben [USA] vs. Thomas, Kevin [USA]
235 Cacan, Alem [USA] vs. Thompson, Kale [CAN]
114 Kapsidis, James [USA] vs. Tobey, Derek [USA]
79 Harrison, Jonathan [USA] vs. Trahan, Sean [USA]
76 Brefka, Casey [USA] vs. Trottier, Charles [CAN]
1 Politz, Joe [USA] vs. Tyminski, Michael A [USA]
152 Barrette, Julien [USA] vs. Usner, Jacob [USA]
130 Rogers, Chris C [USA] vs. Valeriote, Bill [CAN]
233 Chason-sokol, Ben [USA] vs. Valeriote, Johnny [CAN]
173 Shao, Wei A [USA] vs. Van Den Bleeken, Diete [BEL]
48 Palmieri, Daniel N [USA] vs. Vasquez, Christian O [USA]
205 Yu, Steve C [USA] vs. Visconti, Michael J [USA]
162 Daly, Kevin P [USA] vs. Wade, Brian T [USA]
202 Batista, Alex M [USA] vs. Waldrop, Phillip [USA]
204 Karmiche, Michael [USA] vs. Wallace, Nathan G [USA]
57 Gaudreau, Corey [USA] vs. Wallerstein, Robert [USA]
227 Sorrentino, Jason [USA] vs. Walton, Dan L [USA]
119 Marlowe, Will S [USA] vs. Warren, Douglas [USA]
142 Kubic, Ohlan [USA] vs. Warren, Eric [USA]
191 Corrigan, Griffin F [USA] vs. White, Jeremy [USA]
22 Braustein, Randy [USA] vs. Williams, Justin [USA]
140 Stewart, Chuck [USA] vs. Wilson, Ryan [USA]
159 Assiff, Spencer M [USA] vs. Wojnarski, Ryan J [USA]
161 Bobek, Brian A [USA] vs. Wolloch, Adam N [USA]
16 Yandell, Chris [USA] vs. Wu, Feng [USA]
222 Jutras, Chris [USA] vs. Zdrojewski, Ian A [USA]
100 Henning, Nick [USA] vs. Zhu, Yangyang [USA]
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