Round 15 Results

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Table Player Result Opponent
1 Ferry, Sergio S [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Jurkovic, Stan [USA]
2 Fisher, Chris A [USA] Won 2-1 vs. Viola, Joe F [CAN]
3 Smithers, Jonathan [CAN] Drew 1-1-1 vs. Froehlich, Eric [USA]
4 Antonescu, Christian L [USA] Lost 0-2 vs. Dos Remedios, Aaron K [CAN]
5 Kelly, Nathaniel S [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Teitel, Trevor [USA]
6 Williams, David A [USA] Lost 0-2 vs. Watanabe, Yuuya [CAN]
7 Nassif, Gabriel [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Chen, Danny [USA]
8 Henning, Nick W [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Traikov, Erik K [USA]
9 Rietze, Robert J [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Côté, Samuel [CAN]
10 Ross, Jonathan D [USA] Won 2-0 vs. Jiwani, Hussein [USA]
11 Quinton, Shayne A [USA] Lost 0-2 vs. Ochoa, David A [CAN]
12 Jiang, Jay [USA] Lost 0-2 vs. Davis, Todd R [CAN]
13 Bennett, Michael A [USA] Won 2-1 vs. Lai, Jason [USA]
14 Samms, Phil [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Egolf, Marlon J [CAN]
15 Sievers, Jeff C [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Doshi, Vishu P [CAN]
16 Held, Eric J [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Savoie, Alexandre [CAN]
17 Plurkowski, Luke [USA] Lost 0-2 vs. Bray, Shawn M [USA]
18 Leister, Nicole [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Mccaslin, Aaron B [CAN]
19 Franklin, Richard [USA] Lost 0-2 vs. Mitamura, Kazuya [CAN]
20 Gallagher, Eugene [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Berg, Tim M [USA]
21 Hicks, Steven T [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Feigerle, Dustin M [CAN]
22 Howard, David C [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Woodley, Ian R [USA]
23 Kolos, John C [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Drebsky, David D [CAN]
24 Vergel, Vincent Paul R [USA] Won 2-1 vs. Szelzki, Jeffrey P [CAN]
25 Rietzl, Paul R [USA] Lost 1-2 vs. Adams, Ken G [CAN]
26 Ravitz, Joshua P [USA] Lost 1-2 vs. Wells, Brian D [CAN]
27 Aune, Eirik M [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Doolittle, Lawrence J [CAN]
28 Mcwhaw, Andrew J [USA] Lost 1-2 vs. Moir, Ben [USA]
29 Gottlieb, Bryan M [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Jordan, Dan [CAN]
30 Baxter, Jeff [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Lebedowicz, Osyp I [CAN]
31 Siu, Brian [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Turtenwald, Owen [CAN]
32 Sonne, Jonathan E [USA] Won 2-0 vs. Tse, Felix [CAN]
33 Shapiro, Jeremy G [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Schnayer, David G [CAN]
34 Anderson, Robert A [USA] Lost 1-2 vs. Sutcliffe, David [CAN]
35 Marsan, Thomas [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Potvin, Guillaumo [CAN]
36 Sacher, Aj [USA] Lost 0-2 vs. Wood, Matthew E [CAN]
37 Morelli, Mike [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Kestenberg, Lee [USA]
38 Burnett, Kai [USA] Lost 0-2 vs. Nelson, Brad J [CAN]
39 Nakamura, Shuuhei [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Plouffe, Jeremi Boudri [CAN]
40 Rigby, Neil [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Fujii, Daisuke [CAN]
41 Woods, Conley L [USA] Lost 1-2 vs. Fujino, Mitchell T [CAN]
42 Bishop, Stephen T [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. St-amour, Joel [CAN]
43 Davis, Jim I [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Kubilis, John L [CAN]
44 Ragsdale, Adam [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Kardis, Andrew P [CAN]
45 Higdon, Nigel L [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Hagon, Richard [CAN]
46 Ferneyhough, Michael F [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Toussaint, Francis [CAN]
47 Tomik, Steve M [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Moore, John E [CAN]
48 Jacobson, Josh [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Kuo, Tzu Ching C [CAN]
49 Saito, Tomoharu [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Johnson, Paul [CAN]
50 Bonder, Gabriel G [USA] Won 2-1 vs. Lee, Albert [CAN]
51 Visconti, Tom [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Guardiola, Alexander [CAN]
52 Stark, Ben S [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Boggemes, Kyle M [CAN]
53 Parker, Brock R [USA] Lost 1-2 vs. Zhang, Stephen Y [CAN]
54 Cox, Patrick B [USA] Won 2-0 vs. O'donnell, Brendan A [CAN]
55 Stolze, Philip [USA] Lost 0-2 vs. Tharmaratnam, Samuel [CAN]
56 Imperiale, Jason [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Utter-leyton, Josh W [CAN]
57 Graves, Robert L [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Kramer, Daniel [CAN]
58 Fiorilli, Richard [USA] Won 2-1 vs. Muraca, Nick [USA]
59 Gottschalk, Evan N [USA] Lost 1-2 vs. Howden, Jason [CAN]
Flinn, Bradley E [CAN] * BYE *
Mclaughlin, Morgan [USA] * BYE *
Nass, Matthew L [CAN] * BYE *
Sulla, Aaron M [CAN] * BYE *
Wemyss, Ceilyn [CAN] * BYE *
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