Pro Tour–Austin Photo Essay: Austin of the Day Before

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Fun Fact: The 'Guitar' in Guitar Hero refers to a real-world musical instrument, also called a Guitar.

Firemen are heroes in any age.

The Capitol Building, reminding you of the merits of architecture and statuary.

Even the most jaded gradeschoolers are wowed.

The floor of the Senate, where the permissive atmosphere of Grammar School meets the expediency of modern government.

This is never a good sign.

Brian David-Marshall's criminal career is cut tragically short.

Business is booming!

Duels of the Planeswalkers still captivates, and the expansion hasn't even dropped yet.

The Last Chance Qualifier is packed with hopefuls.

Grizzly Adams prepares to crush some dreams.

Shuuhei loves the camera. Wafo-Tapa loves Magic.

The LCQ takes its toll. Either that, or this guy is living his weekend in reverse.

"I saw before me an angel, radiant as the dawn, and she had cupcakes."

Aspiring Mage dons his robe and wizard hat.

RYZ shows off the fruits of their design contest.

Rich Hagon auditions for a remake of Twilight Zone's "Eye of the Beholder"

Just your typical group of cowboy wizards.

Pretend this is an olde-timey photo and count the anachronisms!

And of course, the Belgians.

Under a cruel sky, the lone gunslinger waits.

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