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With the conclusion of Pro Tour Avacyn Restored, the final spots for the Players Championship, taking place in Seattle during the last week of August, have been decided. Six slots had been decided before this event began, leaving ten slots left to be divided up. Here are the sixteen players invited to the Players Championship, the best of the best.

First are the invites for the winners of various awards during the previous season:

2011 Player of the Year Owen Turtenwald
2011 World Champion Jun'ya Iyanaga
2011 Magic Online Champion Reid Duke
Pro Tour Philadelphia Champion Samuele Esratti
Pro Tour Dark Ascension Champion Brian Kibler
Pro Tour Avacyn Restored Champion Alexander Hayne

Next come the players with the highest number of Pro Points from each of the geographic regions:

Top North American Player: Josh Utter-Leyton
Top Latin American Player: Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa
Top European Player: Martin Juza
Top Japanese Player: Yuuya Watanabe
Top Asia-Pacific Player: Tzu Ching Kuo

Finally, the remaining five slots go to the five players with the highest number of Pro Points that didn't win an invitation through other means:

At-Large Bid: Jon Finkel
At-Large Bid: Luis Scott-Vargas
At-Large Bid: Shouta Yasooka
At-Large Bid: David Ochoa
At-Large Bid: Shuhei Nakamura

This incredible collection of players will be competing in late August for over $100,000 in one of the toughest competitions they will have faced, fought over three days and three formats. The event is truly skill testing and the culmination of a year of excellent play. Only the best get to play, and only the best of the best can win. For more information on the Players Championship and the competitors, visit the 2012 Magic Players Championship page

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