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Day One of Pro Tour Dark Ascension saw us map out two teams who had taken the same beach house testing approach, and look at their numbers coming in to the event. Now that we have eleven rounds out of the way, I thought that in the run up to Top 8, where Standard decks would again come in to play, it would be worth seeing how the two powerhouses had fared.

ChannelFireball had, by their standards, a fairly rough Day One, and now that we stand with five rounds of Standard left to go, their team of 14 is down to just 8 still playing.

Brian Kibler: 9-2

Lucas Blohon: 9-2

Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa: 8-3

Shuhei Nakamura: 8-3

Josh Utter-Leyton: 7-4

Martin Juza: 7-4

Ben Stark: 7-4

Owen Turtenwald: 6-5

Meanwhile, our other power-house for the event have also seen a few casualties, though they have a notable number of live runners, and only four players no longer playing whatsoever.

Jon Finkel: 9-2

Andrew Cuneo: 8-3

Jelger Wiegersma: 8-3

Tom Martell: 7-3-1

Matt Sperling: 7-4

Reid Duke: 7-4

Gerry Thompson: 7-4

Sam Black: 7-4

Rich Hoaen: 6-5

Michael Jacob: 6-5

We begin to see with these results quite what being a Hall of Fame member really means. All the Hall of Famers are still in, and both Finkel and Kibler are among the leading pack at the event. While ChannelFireball has less players remaining, those that they have are doing a little better on average.

Hall of Fame players are showing why they are part of the Hall of the Fame this weekend.

Stay tuned to these last Standard rounds to see how these two powerful teams shape up in the final stretch.

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