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As you dive into the coverage here at Pro Tour Gatecrash, you may discover that there aren't written feature matches for every round anymore. That's not a glitch. That's a planned change.

We are always looking to improve how we cover Magic events. Based on the feedback we received from a survey about coverage that thousands of fans completed, along with what we can draw from site traffic, we decided to turn our focus to writing more in-depth pieces about the event, the metagame, and the players.

Feature matches have been a staple of tournament coverage since the Pro Tour began, but times have changed. With the popularity of the live stream and the growth of social media, we've seen that the written round-by-round reports are most valuable as a historic record of events, but less as a source of what happened. Feature matches aren't going away, but there will be fewer of them during the first two days of the Pro Tour.

For live updates from the tournament floor at Pro Tour Gatecrash, jump into Cover-it-Live, follow #PTGTC, and tune into the live stream to follow all the action!

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