Day Two Standard Metagame Breakdown

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Day One of Standard is in the books! With half of the Standard rounds finished, only 211 players racked up the requisite number of wins to make it through to the second day of play. Yesterday, we saw three decks dominating the field, and they didn't disappoint. UWR, Esper Control, and Jund Midrange were easily the most played decks of the tournament, each attempting to capitalize on a different piece of the field.

Esper Control is the prototypical control deck of the current Standard format, running a plethora of spot and mass removal spells, a large amount of card drawing and counterspells, and efficient utility creatures to incrementally gain an advantage over the many creature decks in the format.

Here's a sample list:

Jund Midrange approaches the new class of creature decks in a different way: by simply attempting to outclass them. Jund tries to rule combat with a stream of creatures and removal, including Huntmaster of the Fells, Olivia Voldaren, and Mizzium Mortars. Eventually taking control of the board through a war of attrition, the Jund Midrange deck was another deck well positioned to take on the seemingly creature-dominated Standard. Here's a generic list:

Lastly, we have the new breed of UWR decks. UWR runs the gamut from a more controlling build, featuring a large swath of mass removal and a full planeswalker complement, to an aggressive, tempo-based version. The tempo deck has been the more successful of the two variants. Drawing on its roots as the UW and UWR Flash decks of the last Standard season, the newer UWR decks have added the ludicrously powerful Boros Reckoner to the already potent Snapcaster Mage and Restoration Angel for a potent third punch against creature-based decks. Combined with a load of spot and mass removal, like Azorius Charm, Searing Spear, and Mizzium Mortars, the creatures simply need a few turns to push through enough damage to finish games off. Considering the added reach that the Reckoner affords, this deck can either fight creatures straight up, or simply take it to the face.

Here's a list:

Beyond these decks, things weren't tremendously shaken up after yesterday's play. There were no major movers and shakers in the field, and things seemed fairly, well, Standard. Here's the final numbers for the Day Two metagame breakdown.

Deck Type# of PlayersPercentage
Jund Midrange2310.90%
Esper Control2310.90%
Humans Reanimator136.16%
Gruul Aggro136.16%
Naya Humans104.74%
Jund Aggro104.74%
Bant Control104.74%
The Aristocrats83.79%
Saito Zoo73.32%
Naya Midrange73.32%
RUG Flash41.90%
Naya Aggro41.90%
Bant Auras41.90%
UWR Control41.90%
Bant Black31.42%
UW Humans20.95%
Mono-ish Black Control20.95%
Junk Midrange20.95%
Esper Planeswalker Control20.95%
UW Delver10.47%
UW Control10.47%
URG Flash10.47%
RUG Peddler10.47%
Rakdos Aggro10.47%
Monored Boros10.47%
Monored Bore-os10.47%
Midnight BBQ10.47%
Jund Zombies10.47%
Green-Black Aggro10.47%
Door Control10.47%
BW Tokens10.47%
BW Aggro10.47%
BUG Delver10.47%
BR Zombies10.47%
Boros Aggro10.47%
4-Color Swamps10.47%
4c Reanimator10.47%
4c Midrange10.47%
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