Pro Tour–Honolulu Feature: Day 2 Metagame Breakdown

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Archetype Count
Naya Jund Control 36
Jund Control 28
Five-Color Cruel Control 15
Green-White Aggro 14
Jund Aggro 11
Sphinx Control 9
Sedraxis Aggro 7
Bant Aggro 6
Naya Aggro 3
Esper Aggro 3
Naya Bant Aggro 2
5C Aggro 1
Cruel Zombies 1
Esper Grixis Control 1
Naya Control 1
Naya Jund Aggro 1
Nicol Bolas Naya Jund 1
Progenitus Control 1
Sedraxis Control 1
Wargate Control 1
Total 143

As we move into the second portion of Block Constructed play, we take a look at the archetypes that took their pilots through to Day 2 (albeit with some help from a pod of draft). The big surprises? Well...that there weren't too many big surprises.

In fact, the top three decks stayed the same; Naya-Jund Control, Jund Control, and Five-Color Cruel Control all remained in slots one, two, and three respectively with similar proportions to Day 1. Filling out the top five were Jund Aggro and Green-White Aggro, who pulled the switcheroo in placing meaning Green-White is on top today where Jund Aggro was on top on Friday.

One of the surprise hits of the Constructed portion of the weekend have been the Sphinx Control decks, featuring hits like Sphinx of the Steel Wind, Sphinx Summoner, and Sharuum the Hegemon. They play like a traditional Esper control deck with a whopper of an end game as artifact flyers come out of the woodwork to take down an opponent.

The numbers still indicate that playing aggro was not a profitable decision, as most failed to make Day 2 with such strategies, but the raw numbers of players playing a deck on a specific day don't matter as much as what those players final records are. To find that out, you'll have to keep checking back all weekend long, including the live Top 8 webcast Sunday!

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