Feature: Last Chance Qualifier Deck Lists and Winners

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For the players who made the trip to Magic Weekend Nagoya but hadn't managed to qualify for the Pro Tour, there was one final option: the Last Chance Qualifier. Over 100 players appeared hoping for the chance to compete on Friday, Saturday, and (fingers crossed) Sunday here in Japan, but only four managed the feat. Their names? Jun'ya Nakamura, Sean O'Neil, Justin Epstein, and Ryou Shiraishi.

Here are their deck lists and analysis.

Jun'ya Nakamura – Winner, Last Chance Qualifier
Pro Tour-Nagoya 2011 (Standard Constructed)

Sean O'Neil – 2nd place, Last Chance Qualifier
Pro Tour-Nagoya 2011 (Standard Constructed)

Main Deck

60 cards

Copperline Gorge
Halimar Depths
Misty Rainforest
Raging Ravine
Scalding Tarn

28 lands

Acidic Slime
Frost Titan
Lotus Cobra

12 creatures

Jace, the Mind Sculptor
Lightning Bolt
Mana Leak

20 other spells

Flame Slash
Obstinate Baloth

15 sideboard cards

Justin Epstein – 3rd place, Last Chance Qualifier
Pro Tour-Nagoya 2011 (Standard Constructed)

Ryou Shiraishi – 4th place, Last Chance Qualifier
Pro Tour-Nagoya 2011 (Standard Constructed)

White and blue continue to be dominant colors in Standard, but New Phyrexia is making its presence known. Gitaxian Probe, Dismember, Batterskull, Spellskite, Mutagenic Growth, and Deceiver Exarch are just some of the cards from the new set that are having a big impact on the world of Standard. Unfortunately for Jun'ya, Sean, Justin, and Ryou, the Pro Tour itself is Scars Block Constructed, meaning they need to have tested an additional format, as well as the Limited format, to have a shot this weekend. It's a challenge for an LCQ winner to make the Top 8 of a Pro Tour, so for these four players' sakes let's hope they got a good night's sleep and are ready with some tech today!

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