Feature: Day 1 Photo Essay

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Welcome to beautiful Nagoya, Japan. Magic 2012 all-stars Sorin, Jace, Gideon, Garruk and Chandra are watching over you!

Even in the early morning, downtown Nagoya is equal parts hustle and bustle.

Last minute memorization of important phrases, such as "All glory to the Father of Machines!"

The countryside is steeped in beauty, history, and stairs.

Pointing the way to Pro Tour greatness, and deliciousness!

Your diligent judges, who keep things running smoothly.

Veteran Nate Price takes cub reporter Steve Sadin under his wing.

Spellslinging this weekend: R&D's Ken Nagle, Tom LaPille, and Dave Guskin, as well as jack-of-all-trades event staffer Matt Danner. Three parts wacky sitcom, one part slasher flick.

This guy locked Tom LaPille up good with the retro combo of Sands of Time and Equipoise.

Guest Artist Steve Belledin shows off Ichor Wellspring, a popular card this weekend.

Also in attendance, Daarken, posed here with Kulrath Knight.

The great Ookubo, master of three-dimensional card art.

Just a few of his many masterpieces.

Chandra Nalaar never looked so good.

For Round 6, things switch to draft, and the 5-0's duke it out.

Sometimes judge, sometimes competitor, but always stylish.

The Pro Tour is full of highs...


...and, of course, pancake soda.

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