Choose Your Side in the Player of the Year Race!

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All right, guys. Battle lines have been drawn. Tomorrow marks the start of a new Player of the Year's reign. Who commands your allegiance, and what have they done to gain it?

Steve Sadin: 'I'm on Team Brad. I promised him my undying love, and I never break a promise.'

Sam Black: 'I'm on Team Brad. I'm from the US. And he stayed at my house once.'

Cory Baumeister-Nelson: 'I'm on Team Guillaume. He invited me to be one of the six friends who get courtside seats!'

Marijn Lybaert: 'I'm on Team Guillaume. He's European! We've got to stick together!'

Gerard Fabiano: 'I'm on Team Guillaume. I know him from back in the day, before he could win. That, and we were on ggslive together!'

Robert van Medevoort: 'I'm joining team Brad.'s got more support.'

Garvas Elscott, MTGOPD: 'Team Brad. Brad's had a more consistent year. Guillaume is a better closer, but making as many Top 8s as Brad has is more impressive to me. If Guillaume thinks he's going to win this one, he's ... Bradly mistaken.'


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