Feature: Photo Essay - Thursday and Friday in Pro Tour Paris

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Deck Tech: Big Kuldotha Red with Simon Wechsler by Tim Willoughby

Simon Wechsler of Boston MA is here at his fourth Pro Tour, and has brought with him an interesting take on Kuldotha Red. The deck has received a real shot in the arm from Mirrodin Besieged, with Signal Pest going straight into the deck, and Goblin Wardriver and Contested War Zone allowing for colossal attacks. Goblin Warchief has typically left the deck, allowing the land count of the deck to stay lower than just about anything else in Standard.

Where Wechsler's build varies a little is with the inclusion of Hero of Oxid Ridge, and Koth of the Hammer in the sideboard. These four-drops are very powerful in the deck, and while they do mean that Devastating Summons is no longer a safe inclusion, they can break open matches, making up for one of the weaknesses of the deck: that it can sometimes run out of steam after the initial flurry. Entertainingly, despite the fact that his list isn't troubled by Devastating Summons, Simon is still carrying Elemental tokens with him, just to throw people off the scent. Here's the full list.

Simon Wechsler's Big Kuldotha Red
Standard – Pro Tour Paris 2011
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Those Ornithopters love having a couple of extra battle cry creatures, as well as being good fuel for any Kuldotha Rebirth that might need stoking. If you like attacking for surprising amounts of damage on the early turns of the game, this may be the deck for you.

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