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In the course of the Pro Tour Philadelphia, an investigation revealed that it was necessary to disqualify Pro Tour Philadelphia competitor Love Janse. During a match late in the day Saturday, Love was observed attempting to make an illegal play to his own benefit. When informed by his opponent that the play was not legal, Janse reportedly replied, "I know."

The investigation revealed that it was unlikely that Janse didn't know about the interaction because he was playing the same deck as his opponent, and was therefore familiar with all of the cards involved. At Worlds in Chiba, a similar incident involving a rules mistake with his own deck to his own benefit led head judge Riccardo Tessitori to firmly warn Janse that he would have to tighten up his play or face penalization in the future. Tessitori, again the head judge here in Philadelphia, determined a disqualification for the repeat behavior was necessary.

When asked about the disqualification, Tessitori said, "We believe the player tried to create a situation to take advantage of a potential lack of rules knowledge from his opponent by making an illegal play. This is fraud and is not legal."

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