Photo Essay: A Look at Day 2

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The little flags get to take the day off. The National Teams play their last two rounds Saturday morning.
There’s nonstop gaming at Worlds. Side Event tournaments give you the chance to win fabulous prizes. Compete in everything from Standard Constructed, to Sealed, to 8-man Draft.
Future Pro Tour Champions start training young.
Brian David-Marshall and Randy Buehler show up early to get a quick Winston Draft in before coverage begins.
And then it’s down to business.
A well-measured monotone is the key to successfully calling a draft.
Our eye in the sky shows you the top table sitting down to their first draft.
Some people are just sickeningly lucky.
Yuuta Takahashi, whose shirt is almost as impressive as his resume: Japanese Limited Information Specialist, and “King of Faeries,” crowned after winning two Grand Prix with the deck. Only Masashi Oiso kept him from being on the National Team this year.
Aaron Booker’s job is something very important involving lots of wires.
There’s loving Magic, and then there’s LOVING Magic.
Artist Mark Tedin shows off why he earns the big bucks.
Coming to a living room near you! Please ask before checking other peoples’ living rooms.
Kenji Tsumura wins his last round against former Rookie of the Year Yuuya Watanabe to post a 5-1 record in Limited.

And of course it wouldn’t be Memphis without Elvis. Did you spot him?

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