Worlds 2009: Disqualifications in the Draft Rounds

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During the second draft of Day Two here at Worlds in Rome, three players received disqualifications for Hidden Information Violation, as defined in the Infraction Procedure Guide. Basam Tabet, Jasar Elarar, and Jon Boutin each received this penalty having been witnessed looking at other players cards during the drafting process.

The draft procedure does not allow for players to look at any cards other than their own while drafting.

Another example of Hidden Information Violation is looking at an opponent’s cards when shuffling. Cards in an opponent’s deck are hidden information, any efforts made to look at them during the course of the game constitute a Hidden Information Violation. In this morning’s first draft rounds, Berk Akbulut was disqualified for this violation.

As a result of these disqualifications, the Canadian and Turkish national teams are no longer eligible to compete in the team competition, and have been dropped from the team tournament. The remaining players on the two teams will receive their Team Competition prize money but will play no further part in the team competition.

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