Photo Blog: Roman Holiday

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We really have to do something about that leak ….

Not Pictured: Aaron Forsythe’s opponent’s head exploding.

I promised I wouldn’t do this, but “When in Rome…”

Once filled with thousands of bloodthirsty spectators. Now surrounded by thousands of bloodthirsty tour guides.

Sometimes, a picture is worth a thousand clever captions.

After seeing this photo of Kamiel showing emotion, rumors began to circulate that he was replaced with an android.

Ice to meet you.

Terese Nielsen always draws a crowd. Get it? Draws ….

Tsuyoshi Ikeda channels some amalgam of Gabriel Nassif and Dolemite.

Jeremy Jarvis’s beard is one of the best looking pieces of art he’s ever created.

Sheldon Menery can read minds. And blow them up (who do you think taught Forsythe?). Do not cheat.

Hey, Shuhei. Who’s responsible for those sweet jerseys?

It’s pictures like this that prevent me from visiting South Africa. These guys scare the bejeezus out of me.


Sadly, the fourth member of the Bolivian National Barbershop Quartet got held up in Customs. Compensation was required.

Do you know who this is? You must not know who he is. He’s the Juggernaut!

I asked Sheldon to smile. This is what I got. That and a beating.

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