Air Traffic Strike Could Delay Start of Pro Tour Theros

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The letter I!n reaction to the European air traffic controller strike scheduled for October 10, Wizards of the Coast is prepared to adjust the schedule for Pro Tour Theros in Dublin to accommodate for player travel delays. The Pro Tour is October 11-13.

Because player arrival times may be severely affected on Thursday when most players typically arrive for a Pro Tour, contingent schedules have been developed for changing the start of the tournament either to later on Friday or Saturday morning. The alternate schedules preserve a 16-round tournament as much as possible—cutting rounds is considered a last option and all efforts will be made to maintain a complete tournament.

Thursday registration times have been extended to run from 5-11 p.m. and will continue Friday to fit with any schedule changes. Players should register on site as soon as possible on Thursday to help the Pro Tour staff get as accurate a sense of tournament attendance as possible.

An announcement will be made by Thursday at 11:30 p.m. Dublin time confirming which schedule will be used. This information will be communicated to all invited players via email, and will also be posted on and distributed via social media.

Wizards of the Coast asks for players to come to the Royal Dublin Society site on Friday morning as normal. The schedule will be posted on site and Wizards of the Coast staff will be available to answer questions. Complimentary drafting will be provided to players and their guests if the Pro Tour start time is moved. For players coming directly to the event site from the airport on Friday, luggage storage space will be available to expedite players' in-city transportation needs.

If you are invited to Pro Tour Theros and have not received an email from Wizards of the Coast, contact us at for the most up-to-date information and to ensure the Pro Tour staff has an accurate email address for future contact.

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