Online Qualifiers Debut for Pro Tour–San Diego

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Wizards of the Coast is excited to announce the debut of Pro Tour qualifier tournaments on Magic Online for the Pro Tour–San Diego season.

This new way to play the game and see the world starts October 8 with the first Magic Online qualifier for Pro Tour–San Diego. Fifteen more online qualifiers round out the schedule, with the season culminating December 26.

Each online qualifier begins with a minimum of two six-round "PTQ Shootout" tournaments, with subsequent shootouts starting several minutes after. All players with five or more wins in a shootout will advance to the PTQ Finals. Each shootout will have a minimum of 33 players and a maximum of 512. Players are limited to one shootout per qualifier. Players who already hold invitations to Pro Tour–San Diego may not compete in individual-format Qualifier tournaments (including Magic Online Qualifiers for Pro Tour–San Diego) that feed into Pro Tour–San Diego.

The formats for the Pro Tour–San Diego online qualifier season are Magic 2010 Sealed Deck (through October 18) and Zendikar Sealed Deck (after October 18), with a Top 8 Booster Draft. Players will build a new sealed deck after the PTQ Shootouts for the PTQ Finals tournament.

Along with earning an invitation to Pro Tour–San Diego, each qualifying player also earns a spot in a special Magic Online Superdraft to be held at the Pro Tour. Each participant will receive a $1,000 prize plus digital booster packs based on finish order.

For complete information about the Magic Online Pro Tour qualifiers, click here.

The offline Pro Tour–San Diego qualifier season begins October 3 and ends December 26. To find an in-person tournament near you, click here.

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