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Looking for the ultimate Magic experience? Get yourself to Rome for the 2009 World Championships and take part in one of the many events open to the public, featuring prizes such as paid airfare and hotels to all 2010 Pro Tours, pieces of Power 9, foil versions of every card legal in Standard, iPods, digital camcorders, uncut foil sheets, and much more.

Held November 18-22 at the Palazzo Dei Congressi in Rome, Italy, the 2009 World Championships brings Magic players of all skill levels together for an unforgettable combination of playing, trading, sharing, and fun. The biggest Magic weekend of the year kicks off in style Wednesday afternoon with 8-person single-elimination events from 14:00 to 20:00, with all drafts just € 5 and free Constructed events!

Here are just some of the many events open to the public at the 2009 World Championships:
11:00 Legacy Constructed for 40 Ravnica duals
12:00 Zendikar Sealed Deck
Play the Game, See the World Qualifier
15:00 Extended - Generic Grand Prix Trial
9:00 Extended - Pro Tour-San Juan Qualifier
13:00 Standard
Play the Game, See the World Qualifier
17:00 Zendikar Sealed Deck
Super Friday Night Magic
10:00 Invasion Sealed Deck on Magic Online
13:00 Zendikar 2HG Sealed Deck
Play the Game, See the World Qualifier
17:00 Planechase Multiplayer Tournament
9:00 Zendikar Sealed Deck
Play the Game, See the World Championship (invitation only)
9:00 Zendikar Booster Draft
Booster Draft Challenge
13:00 Zendikar Sealed Deck
Parent/Child or Man/Woman Two-Headed Giant

Want to get your travel ticket punched for all three Pro Tours plus Worlds for 2010? That's exactly the top prize in the Play the Game, See the World Championship. This Zendikar Sealed Deck tournament held Sunday, November 22 awards roundtrip airfare and four nights' accommodations for each of the 2010 Pro Tours in San Diego, San Juan, Amsterdam, and Worlds in Chiba, Japan.

You can qualify for Sunday's championship in several ways. A number of Play the Game, See the World qualifier tournaments are being run in Europe through September 20. For players in Italy, the Italian Challenge Series runs until October 18 across 100 local stores. The Challenge Series culminates in a final tournament held at each store, with the winner earning a spot in the Sunday Championship at Worlds. Finally, there is one public event each day at Worlds leading up to Sunday: Thursday has a Zendikar Sealed Deck event, Friday it's Standard, and Saturday is a Two-Headed Giant Zendikar Sealed Deck tournament putting both players on the winning team into the championship.

While the Play the Game, See the World Championship doesn't include invitations to each Pro Tour, you can take care of that in Rome too. Each day has a different Pro Tour qualifier—Thursday features a Zendikar Sealed Deck qualifier for San Diego, Friday has an Extended qualifier for a slot at Pro Tour–San Juan, and Saturday it's Standard for an invitation to Amsterdam.

If Eternal formats are more up your alley, Worlds has a four-day track for you. Start Thursday with a Legacy tournament where the winner gets 40 foil Ravnica dual lands. Then get out your Vintage deck on Friday and try to win a piece of Power 9. Additionally, the player who finishes highest without any Power 9 in his or her deck receives a selected piece of Power. You can take another shot at each of those tournaments Saturday (Legacy) and Sunday (Vintage), featuring the same prizes.

Standard, Extended, Block Constructed, Legacy, Vintage, Booster Draft, Sealed Deck with Zendikar, Urza's Saga, Invasion, and Onslaught, Two-Headed Giant, Planechase, plus assorted Magic Online tournaments ... with so many formats and events, you're sure to find something to your liking. Along with the great prizes already detailed, other prizes include Flip Ultra HD camcorders, a foil set of all Standard-legal cards, 120gb iPod Classics, uncut foil sheets from Zendikar and From the Vault: Exiled, and much more!

For those looking for a more open-ended Magic experience, Worlds offers eight-man single-elimination Booster Draft, Standard, Extended, Legacy, Vintage, Sealed Deck, and Two-Headed Giant Booster Draft events all weekend. Get your multiplayer Magic fix with four-person Elder Dragon Highlander and Planechase games, with boosters awarded for each opponent you eliminate. There's also Open Dueling, where you can pit your Standard deck against others to earn promo cards for free.

If you want to take a break from competitive play, there are many activities around the hall to sate your Magic appetite. Meet famous Magic artists Aleski Briclot, Jeremy Jarvis, Terese Nielsen, D. Alexander Gregory, and 3-D card artist Ookubo. Play Magic against the people who make the game, including creator Richard Garfield, at the Champions Challenge. Put your Magic knowledge to the test with The Magic Game Show on Thursday and Question Mark on Saturday. Featuring a special guest host, The Magic Game Show offers you the chance to win 1,000 rares. Question Mark, a staple at Worlds, pits you and two friends against other three-person teams to prove who is the king of Magic trivia. Or take A Planeswalker's Journey Through Worlds, collecting stamps on your badge for certain achievements located throughout the hall.

Whether you leave Rome with a World Champion trophy, a foil set of cards, or just great memories of a fantastic weekend, there's no doubt Rome is the place to be for Magic fans this November. Don't be left out!

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