GDS2 Design Challenge #3: Contestants' Submissions

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The letter L!ast week, the seven remaining Great Designer Search 2 finalists received feedback from the judges on their Challenge #2 submissions. One of them was cut from contention, and the remaining six were given the third Design Challenge.

Like the rest of the GDS2 Design Challenges, this one involved designing for the worlds and sets that the contestants have been working on since the beginning of the Search—in this case, designing three five-color cycles, one common, one uncommon, and one rare or mythic rare. But this Challenge had a big twist: the contestants were paired off, and each member of a pair had to design cycles for the other's world, with design suggestions from one another and from people on the GDS2 page of the Magic Wiki.

Here are the pairings:

Ethan Fleischer was paired with Jonathon Loucks
Shawn Main was paired with Scott Van Essen
Devon Rule was paired with Jonathan Woodward

Click on the names below to read the designers' submissions for one another's sets, and come back next week—yes, next week, even though the rest of the site will be devoted to the Best of 2010—to read the judges' responses, see who gets cut, and find out the next Design Challenge!

Contestants' responses appear as submitted.

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