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The letter L!et me start by saying that I wish I had three design internships to award in the Great Designer Search 2. Ethan, Scott, and Shawn have excelled in every possible way. I would be happy to have any one of them as my intern. Unfortunately, I have only one internship to award.

At the end of the online competition, I was glad that there was still an entire final day, because I had no idea who I wanted to hire. Between the Gauntlet (three back-to-back-to-back one-hour interviews) and the final Design Challenge, I knew I would be getting a lot more data.

After the Gauntlet was done, I talked to all of the other interviewers (all ten of them), and there were multiple people arguing each of the three finalists was the one I should hire. Ethan, Scott, and Shawn all excelled in their interviews. In the live Design Challenge, I was impressed not just with the work they did in their hour—which, for those who have never done something that restrictive in that short a time, was very hard—but in how each of them handled themselves during the mock development meeting that followed.

I was planning to select a winner on Monday, but the decision was so hard, I needed a night to sleep on it. But this is the Great Designer Search 2, and in the end only one person can win.

So without any further ado, I am proud to announce as the winner of The Great Designer Search 2...

Click here.

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