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Oracle Changes

 What is Oracle?  

Magic is a game made up of over 11,000 interchangeable pieces—the cards. Over the years, we've felt the need to update the wordings of older cards, whether because we've introduced a new keyword, or a card was printed with a mistake, or we have a clearer wording for what a card does, etc. Rather than sneak into your room at night and change your cards with a magic marker, we keep a database of the "modern wordings" (what the cards would say if we printed them today) of every tournament-legal card ever printed. These wordings are considered the official wordings of the cards, and accurately reflect their functions.

You can access a card's Oracle wording by looking it up in Gatherer.


The largest change this time around is the introduction of a new keyword: hexproof. Well, it's not completely new. It's a shiny new name for an existing ability. Hexproof on a permanent means, "This permanent can't be the target of spells and abilities your opponents control." Hexproof on a player means "You can't be the target of spells or abilities your opponents control." The following cards have been updated:

Notably absent from this list are Canopy Cover, Shielding Plax, Veilstone Amulet, and Vines of Vastwood. For the first two, it's the opponents of the Aura's controller that can't target the creature in question. If you enchant a creature an opponent controls with one of those two, it's that opponent who can't target the creature. If those Auras granted hexproof to the enchanted creature in these cases, the functionality of these cards would be reversed.

Veilstone Amulet and Vines of Vastwood have a similar problem. In some cases, a different player ends up being able to target the affected creature(s) than would be able to if those cards gave the creatures hexproof.

There was a fierce internal debate as to what the name of this keyword should ultimately be, but sadly the proponents of "Urilshroud" were vanquished.

Ebon Praetor, Sanguine Praetor

Unfortunately, due to... (spins Wheel of Blame)... the rain, I inadvertently stripped both Praetors of their printed creature type (Avatar) when Praetor was introduced as a creature type in New Phyrexia. Now, their type lines read Creature — Avatar Praetor. And before you ask, we looked at Hand of Justice. We sympathize, but it's not a Praetor.

Oracle Changes
Comprehensive Rulebook Changes

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