July 2011 Update Bulletin

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The letter S!oon, the Magic 2012 Core Set will be upon us, bringing with it some beloved favorites from the past, some exciting new cards, and some new rules and template changes. In this installment of the Update Bulletin, we'll talk about "dies," unveil a "new" name for a popular play variant, and solve the puzzle that is the order of Island Fish Jasconius's abilities. Read on to join in on the fun.

Between the publication of this article and the posting of the Comprehensive Rules, all of the changes I mention here will go through a complete editing and review process. Even though I don't anticipate any changes, anything could happen. New Oracle wordings should be up in Gatherer already (or very soon), with the Comprehensive Rulebook update following shortly.

My work is made possible thanks to the players and judges out there who send in suggestions for cards and rules that may need tweaking. Communicating with me is fairly easy, should you be so inclined. Drop me a message on the forums (WotC_MattT), Twitter (@TabakRules), or just reply to this article. Oracle and rules updates always spur some fascinating discussion, and I really appreciate hearing from you guys. Let's get to it. Enjoy!

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