September 2011 Update Bulletin

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Greetings, friends, and welcome to another edition of the Update Bulletin. As you may imagine, I've been busy the last few months crafting some rules for Innistrad's exciting new mechanics, including the groundbreaking double-faced cards. It was a significant undertaking, but the cards are more than cool enough to justify it. And for those of you who are in love with the card back, don't worry—it shows up in Innistrad in every color and at every rarity.

Double-faced cards aren't the only exciting thing we're adding this time around. We've got a new characteristic, a new evergreen keyword action, and a new creature type. And we managed to polish the Oracle wording of a few other cards as well. I've mentioned before that Oracle is an exercise in competing priorities. One factor that always carries considerable weight with the rules team is a card's last printed wording. However, we've recently been considering a card's appearance on Magic Online, especially in Masters Edition sets, as well. In many cases, ignoring Magic Online was ignoring the most likely way a new player would become exposed to some older cards, and that felt like a disservice to the Magic community at large.

Like I do in each Update Bulletin, I must take some time to thank the players, judges, organizers, and rules gurus out there that take the time to nominate cards and rules for review. If you'd like to send me a message, you can do so in a few ways: through the forums (I'm WotC_MattT), through Twitter (@TabakRules), or by replying to this article.

As always, the changes I've described here are going through a complete editing and review process, so they may differ from what actually happens. The Card Image Gallery is already up, and the set should be showing up in Gatherer on or around September 22, with the Comprehensive Rules following shortly thereafter. Let's get started!

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