Message from Greg Leeds Regarding Premier Play Changes

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The letter H!ello. I'm Greg Leeds, President of Wizards of the Coast. I know that you don't hear from me often, but I feel that this message is an important one to address to you personally.

Unfortunately, our plans and communication on the future of Magic organized play have upset many in our community. Our intentions are good—we want more people around the world having fun playing Magic at every level. However, it is obvious now that we have not given enough information on exactly what the new plan will look like to reassure our most dedicated and important players that the changes are positive ones.

I commit to you that we will share a plan with the details you are looking for by Pro Tour Dark Ascension. In the meantime, you can click here to share your opinions on anything we are doing. Every employee at Wizards is working hard to create the best possible play experiences, and your feedback will be an important part of that process now and after we publish the details of our plans going forward.

This weekend is the 2011 Magic World Championships. For those of you attending, have a great time. To everyone in the worldwide Magic community, thank you very much for your continued support and loyalty. We intend to keep earning it every day.


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