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The letter D!ark Ascension is almost upon us, so it's time once again to go through the Oracle and Comprehensive Rules changes for the next update. These updates always feel like a reunion for the rules enthusiasts out there. We all get together, see what changes are on the horizon, and learn a bit more about our game and the structure that holds it all together. I talk to you. You talk to me. It's great fun.

Similarly, Wizards of the Coast has "all-hands meetings," where every employee gathers in an auditorium and members of the senior management team brief us on what's going on around the company. It's easy to wall yourself off from other departments and focus just on your little part of the world, so it's fun to reconnect and learn. Our president, Greg Leeds, usually hosts these meetings. I work pretty far away from Greg, both physically and on the chain of command, so I don't get to interact with him a lot. But he said something in a recent all-hands meeting that stuck with me, and I thought I'd share it (or a reasonable paraphrasing) with you: "What we do," he said, "matters to people. Games matter. Fun matters."

They definitely matter to me. If you're reading this, it's likely they matter to you, too. And although many of the changes I talk about here might not seem significant, they all add up to a framework for the fun we all share.

As always, many thanks go out to the players, judges, forum denizens, and others who helped contribute to this and every update. If you'd like to send me a message, you can do so through the forums. I'm WotC_MattT there and I've set up a thread in the Rules Theory and Templating forum for suggestions for the Avacyn Restored update. You can also reach me on Twitter (@TabakRules) or by responding to this very article. I read every tweet and email I receive, even the ones mocking me for my choice of sports teams.

The changes I've described here are going through a complete editing and review process, so they might differ from what actually happens. The Card Image Gallery is already up, and the set should be showing up in Gatherer on or around January 26, with the Comprehensive Rules following shortly thereafter. Have fun!

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