2008 Worlds in Review

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The letter T!he 2008 Magic season came to a close at the 2008 World Championships last weekend in Memphis, Tennessee, but that doesn't mean the analysis is over. The individual portion of Worlds showcased both Standard and Extended. Did Elves! continue its dominace from Pro Tour–Berlin? Is Faeries still the top dog in Standard? Paul Jordan crunched the numbers for all the major deck archetypes. If you're looking for the hard numbers on what beat what, you won't want to miss it.

But how did the season progress over all 12 months of 2008? In The Week That Was, Brian David-Marshall looks at the entire year month-by-month, tracing the top players' paths from Grand Prix–Stuttgart all the way to Memphis.

Rich Hagon sums up the four days of Worlds, the Player of the Year and Rookie of the Year races, and much more in this handy podcast. Included is an interview with Antti Malin recorded moments after he won the World Championship—listen in as he cracks open a Beta booster pack to commemorate the win. Does he add to his Power Nine? You'll have to click to find out. You can listen to the clips via the player to the right, or go to the Podcast page to download them.

And if you missed the Top 8 webcast, Evan Erwin has edited the individual and team finals down to highlight clips that you can watch right here. If you want the full story, sit back and check out the complete Top 8 videos.

Game 1: Antti Malin vs. Jamie Parke

Game 2: Antti Malin vs. Jamie Parke

Game 3: Antti Malin vs. Jamie Parke

Game 4: Antti Malin vs. Jamie Parke

National Team Finals (USA vs. Australia) and Awards Ceremony

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