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The letter T!he Magic 2013 core set, fifteenth of its name, will soon be upon us. Exalted is back, there are a few new Planeswalkers, and magical things from all over the Multiverse are waiting for their place in your favorite decks. And it's time once again to polish some older cards and tweak the Comprehensive Rules.

Unlike some previous core sets, Magic 2013 doesn't bring with it any revolutionary upheavals. But still, Oracle and the rules aren't quite perfect yet, so the joyous work continues. Maybe you're not impressed with the number of changes now, but as they say up north: Ravnica is coming.

Many thanks to the players, judges, organizers, and everyone else out there who sent in suggestions for rules changes and identified cards for review. Maybe you've noticed a card whose Oracle wording isn't quite what you think it should be. Maybe you've found an unexpected loophole in the rules or found a rule that doesn't quite work the way you think it should. Tell me about it! You can respond to this article, hit me up on Twitter @TabakRules, or drop me a note in the forums (I'm WotC_MattT).

The Oracle changes should be put into Gatherer on or around July 5, with the Comprehensive Rules update following shortly thereafter. It has to go through a full review and editing process, so the changes I talk about here may not exactly match what gets published.

"Why is that," you may be wondering. "Why write an Update Bulletin before the changes are finalized?" Well, I'm glad you asked. The purpose of the Update Bulletin is twofold: 1) give everyone a heads-up about changes that are about to take effect and 2) give ourselves some time to adjust if we've decided to do something insane. So, I tell you about changes ahead of time, and if we've flown over the deep end with a cuckoo's nest in our hands and a mixed metaphor in our hearts, we have time absorb feedback and course-correct.

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