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The letter I!sn't preview season the best? We're all getting ready to return to the urban landscape of Ravnica. The five new guild mechanics have been revealed, and there are plenty of exciting cards to think about with the Prerelease this weekend. And Return to Ravnica might just be the best Prerelease ever, with players from all over the globe joining together in service of their favorite guild. You might expect the Rules Manager to be a natural fit with the lawmages of the Azorius Senate, right up until I killed you and ate you. Go Gruul!

Thanks again to all the players, judges, and well... whatever those people are called, for all their suggestions over the last few months. If you see a rule you'd like to change or a card whose Oracle wording doesn't seem quite right, please let me know! I can be reached on Twitter (@TabakRules) or by responding to this article using the link at the bottom of the page.

Have fun at the Prerelease events!

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