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The letter I! was discussing the role of Magic rules manager with my boss the other day when we happened upon the following analogy: Magic is like a car. Different people love different things about them both. Some may focus on performance and power. To others, aesthetics is the key—flashy rims, plush interior, maybe some sweet promo foil cards. Another thing Magic and cars have in common is that you don't necessarily need to know every detail about how they work in order to enjoy them. I know that when I turn the steering wheel, the car turns. I don't know exactly why that happens. I don't know what connects to what and so on, but that's okay. I can enjoy driving all the same.

The Magic rules are designed in a similar way. Even if you don't fully understand how different continuous effects interact with one another, you can still figure out most situations, play the game, and have a good time. But, with every new release, we pop the hood and tinker a bit with some cards from the past and with the rules themselves. A tune-up, if you will.

As you read this, Gatecrash has already appeared in Gatherer and the FAQ has been released. The Comprehensive Rules will be posted likely sometime next week. It's undergoing a final review and editing pass. There weren't too many Oracle changes this time around. Instead of separating them into functional and nonfunctional changes, they're all listed together.

Updates like this wouldn't be possible without the care and attention of our players, judges, and tournament organizers worldwide who notice something may not be right with a card or rule and let me know about it. I can be reached on Twitter (@TabakRules) or by responding to this article using the link below. Have fun!

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