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The letter T!he Dragon's Maze Prerelease is almost here! In fact, it's a lot closer than it's supposed to be as I'm writing this, but I got sick and this ended up a little late. I didn't think writing it while on cold medicine was a great idea, but then all of a sudden the weekend had gone by and I still hadn't written anything, and I knew the Prerelease was in a few days, and I.... Where was I?

Oh right! The Prerelease. "The Opening Day of Magic," someone once said. And the release of a new set means a new round of Oracle updates and a new version of the Comprehensive Rules. Those shiny new cards need shiny new rules to make them work, and we collect suggestions from players, judges, and the rest of R&D to tweak existing cards and rules. The results are summarized in this article.

Many people contribute to these updates. You can, too! Tweet me at @TabakRules. Use the link below to reply. Mail me a postcard! (But that way may take a while.) Leave me a message in the forums. Really, there are several ways to let me know if you see a card text or rule that could use a second (or seventeenth) look. I look forward to hearing your thoughts. So, what do we have in store this time?

Because there's a new keyword in Dragon's Maze, fuse, there are new rules to make that keyword, you know... work. Also, the rule for naming cards was changed a bit with respect to split cards. Cards got polished for clarity or to line them up with current templating standards. Knowing a core set is just around the corner, however, we didn't make too many changes for this update.

Dragon's Maze is already in Gatherer, as well as the Oracle changes detailed within. The Comprehensive Rules are undergoing a full review and editing pass, but we anticipate releasing them on or around May 1.

Let's get into it, shall we? Have fun!

Matt Tabak
Matt Tabak
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Matt Tabak is the reigning, defending, and undisputed rules manager for Magic: The Gathering, Kaijudo, and Duel Masters. Matt Tabak is Gruul. Matt Tabak tries to laugh, think, and cry every day. Matt Tabak is hungry. Matt Tabak doesn't want you to sass him. Matt Tabak loves puppies.

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