MOCS 2013 Profiles,
Part 2

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The letter L!ast week, we met our first four participants in the Magic Online Championship. Our next six hail from three separate continents and five separate countries. We want you to get to know our participants a bit better, so without further ado, here are Bruno, Bing, Anssi, Hannes, Seth, and Lars!


Bruno Martinez Pereira Dias (Bruno_OverLord)
Restaurateur—Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

When did you start playing Magic?
I started play Magic at Fallen Empires as a school hobby, but I improved as a player since Onslaught.

What other Magic results do you have?
Regional champion, Top 25 Brazil Nationals, six GPs attendance.

What guild are you?

What thought ran through your head as soon as you realized you were going to the Magic Online Championship?
It's a dream become true. I always dreamed to have a chance to play into a Worlds and bring the trophy back to Brazil.

What would winning the Magic Online Championship mean to you?
It will be a life realization, something to be told for my sons and grandsons.

What format do you think you will do BEST at and why?
All Limited, since I love this format, trained a lot and I'm recognized by Brazilian players as a master of Limited (I beat Willy Edel in Prereleases like four times in a row—Willy is a personal friend and a huge Limited player).

Who is your favorite Magic player to watch?
Jon Finkel

Bing Luke (prolepsis9)
Tax Attorney—Brooklyn, NY

When did you start playing Magic Online?
I picked up Magic Online during Ravnica, when I saw someone playing and remembered how much I loved playing Magic.

What other Magic results do you have?
Two-time previous MOCS finalist (2010, 2011), playing my fifth sanctioned match of Magic against Hall-of-Famer Olivier Ruel at Worlds with a sub-1600 rating.

Favorite draft format and why?
Triple Lorwyn was the most fun to play the actual games because you could get the most broken decks. The more recent sets (triple Innistrad and Theros in particular) are probably better during the actual draft, since the playable cards and archetypes are both deeper, giving you more decisions.

What is your favorite Magic card and why?
Cabal Therapy. It rewards knowledge of the format, how specific matchups play out, and what cards are or aren't important. It's especially rewarding making blind Therapies based on an opponent's turn-one land drop.

I would otherwise have said Gifts Ungiven, but there is no other card worse at making both players feel awful about their decisions.

What is your biggest Magic weakness?
I often go for quantity over quality of play. It's hard to improve at Magic if you are jumping between games or immediately joining another queue. So much of improvement is stopping to think of what you did right, what you did wrong, and what you could have done differently.

What thought ran through your head as soon as you realized you were going to the Magic Online Championship?
I had recently returned from vacation, so was mostly still jetlagged and sleep-deprived. Firsthand reports say I jumped up and immediately started running around the house.

Anssi Alkio (Anssi A)
Student—Helsinki, Finland

Where did you or are you going to school?
Aalto School of Economics

Who do you live with?
Alone. :(

What hobbies do you have aside from Magic?
Reading comics; Korean webtoons are great.

When did you start playing Magic?
Onslaught Block. Scourge was my first Prerelease.

What other Magic results do you have?
Pro Tour Born of the Gods, 4th. A lot in other, now dead, TCGs.

Favorite draft format and why?
Ravnica/Guildpact. Nothing beats Brainspoiling into Izzet Chronarch to return Ribbons of Night to your hand.

What would winning the Magic Online Championship mean to you?
It would be nice, I guess.

What format do you think you will do BEST at and why?
Cube and Modern. Those formats let you be creative.

What is your spirit animal?
A small bird who flies freely and does whatever it wants.

Anssi A - Season 11
Standard MOCS #6303751 on 11/17/2013

Hannes Kerem (Paanika)
Football Trader—Keila, Estonia

What hobbies do you have aside from Magic?
Football (the real one) and basketball.

What other Magic results do you have?
Worlds 2008 Top 8, GP Moscow Top 8, four Nationals Top 8s, World Magic Cup Top 8, two previous Magic Online ChampionshipTop 8s.

What is your favorite Magic card and why?
Timbermaw Larva. The best common ever in the right deck.

Or Blood of the Martyr because of art.

What single card do you have the most of in your Magic Online collection?
377 Timbermaw Larva

What is your biggest Magic weakness?
Horrible luck in opening mythic rares.

What is one fact about you that might surprise people?
I think if I Top 8 this event I am the only one that has Top 8ed every premier tournament type.

What format do you think you will do BEST at and why?
My best results have usually been in Standard, so that, probably.

What is your spirit animal?

Paanika - Season 6
Sealed 6 MMA boosters MOCS #5593275 on 06/23/2013

Main Deck

40 cards


17 lands

Auntie's Snitch
Errant Ephemeron
FAerie Macabre
Marsh Flitter
Murderous Redcap
Rathi Trapper
Scion of Oona
Spellstutter Sprite
Stinkweed Imp
Vedalken Dismisser

15 creatures

Aether Spellbomb
Careful Consideration
Cryptic Command
Death Denied
Warren Weirding

8 other spells

Aether Spellbomb
Arcbound Stinger
Arcbound Wanderer
Arcbound Worker
Auriok Salvagers
Avian Changeling
Bound in Silence
Brute Force
Citanul Woodreaders
Court Homunculus
Crush Underfoot
Durkwood Baloth
Echoing Truth
Empty the Warrens
Etherium Sculptor
FAerie Mechanist
Feudkiller's Verdict
Fiery Fall
Fury Charm
Giant Dustwasp
Greater Mossdog
Hammerheim Deadeye
Hillcomber Giant
Ivory Giant
Kodama's Reach
Krosan Grip
Masked Admirers
Moldervine Cloak
Myr Enforcer
Nantuko Shaman
Otherworldly Journey
Path to Exile
Peer Through Depths
Raven's Crime
Reach Through Mists
Rift Bolt
Rift Elemental
Rude Awakening
Sanctum Gargoyle
Squee, Goblin Nabob
Stinkdrinker Daredevil
Stir the Pride
Street Wraith
Syphon Life
Terashi's Grasp
Terramorphic Expanse
Test of Faith
Thundering Giant
Tooth and Nail
Veteran Armorer
Vivid Crag
Vivid Creek
Walker of the Grove
Worm Harvest

67 sideboard cards

Seth Manfield (egdirb)
Semi-Pro Magic Player—Chevy Chase, Maryland

Where did you or are you going to school?
I recently graduated from Goucher College.

What hobbies do you have aside from Magic?
Other games, bridge, and poker, and I do some writing.

When did you start playing Magic Online?
I have been playing on Magic Online for a good while, maybe ten years.

What other Magic results do you have?
Winner of GP Daytona Beach in 2007 and GP Kansas City 2013, Top 8 GP Toronto 2013 and GP Dallas 2013. Also Top 16 Worlds 2008 and Win Gold tournament 2008.

Favorite draft format and why?
Ravnica Block Booster Draft; to me, it was the most difficult draft format, and I loved the karoos (bouncelands).

What does your normal day of Magic Online look like?
I use Magic Online mostly to prepare for live tournaments like Grand Prix nowadays. This means that I will mostly focus on the format of the live tournament I am preparing for. That being said, I also like to do some of the flashback (older sets) drafts when I have time.

What guild are you?

What format do you think you will do BEST at and why?
Theros/Born of the Gods Draft. I am very familiar with the format.

How are you preparing for the Magic Online Championship? Who are you practicing with?
I am traveling to Grand Prix, which are in formats that overlap with the Championship. I am a member of Team TCGPlayer, and those guys are helping me prepare.

What is your spirit animal?
A squirrel.

egdirb - Season 7
Sealed 2 DGM boosters, 2 GTC boosters, 2 RTR boosters MOCS #5712026 on 07/21/2013

Main Deck

40 cards

Golgari Guildgate
Orzhov Guildgate
Rakdos Guildgate

17 lands

Blood Scrivener
Daggerdrome Imp
Haazda Snare Squad
Kingpin's Pet
Maze Abomination
Ogre Jailbreaker
Seller of Songbirds
Sewer Shambler
Sin Collector
Steeple Roc
Tajic, Blade of the Legion
Tithe Drinker
Vizkopa Guildmage

14 creatures

Explosive Impact
Merciless Eviction
Mizzium Mortars
Rakdos Cluestone
Skull Rend
Ultimate Price
Warleader's Helix

9 other spells

Azorius Cluestone
Battering Krasis
Bazaar Krovod
Bomber Corps
Bronzebeak Moa
Centaur Healer
Clinging Anemones
Court Street Denizen
Dimir Cluestone
Dimir Guildgate
Druid's Deliverance
Ethereal Armor
Frenzied Tilling
Golgari Cluestone
Hands of Binding
Hired Torturer
Horror of the Dim
Hover Barrier
Illness in the Ranks
Ivy Lane Denizen
Jelenn Sphinx
Korozda Gorgon
Lyev Decree
Mark for Death
Massive Raid
Maze Abomination
Maze Behemoth
Mending Touch
Pilfered Plans
Pit Fight
Psychic Strike
Pursuit of Flight
Rakdos Shred-Freak
Razortip Whip
Rubbleback Rhino
Rust Scarab
Scatter Arc
Selesnya Keyrune
Serene Remembrance
Simic Cluestone
Soulsworn Spirit
Stonefare Crocodile
Sundering Growth
Swift Justice
Uncovered Clues
Undercity Plague
Viashino Firstblade
Warmind Infantry
Wayfaring Temple
Wear // Tear
Wildwood Rebirth
Zarichi Tiger
Zhur-Taa Druid

66 sideboard cards

Lars Dam (Malavi)
Poker Player—Gentofte, Denmark

When did you start playing Magic?
At age fifteen. My brother started collecting a bit before I got into it. My first deck was a forty-card blue-red land destruction deck with Phantasmal Terrain and Stone Rain.

When did you start playing Magic Online?
I don't remember exactly when it was introduced, but I started playing with a friend a few months after it launched (IPA and OTJ drafts). We had the highest Limited rating on Magic Online at one point back then (different account than the one I'm using now).

Favorite format to play and why?
Team Rochester Draft, then Team Sealed. Most fun and skill-intensive formats. Drafts aren't bad, either, and I enjoy regular Sealed too. Haven't really liked Standard since the focus shift to all midrange creature decks. Modern is fine since there is enough variation to make it interesting.

What does your normal day of Magic look like?
Play Release Events or draft. I'm pretty conscious about playing the higher events that don't require me to spend eight or more hours at a time, although drafts aren't great but they are fast, which is nice.

What is your favorite Magic card and why?
Winter Orb and Rising Waters; I like breaking the symmetry of the cards. For Limited, it would be Imagecrafter and Tidal Visionary; both are really nice and tricky to play with and against.

How are you preparing for the Magic Online Championship? Who are you practicing with?
I'm watching some twitch streams and drafting; that's all I have done so far. I will probably start playing some Constructed in the last week up to the event.

What is your spirit animal?
Animal story: I once had five puppies. I had to move them out of my house during a draft because of a wild snake's sudden appearance. I can't draft and catch snakes at the same time as watching puppies. So I put the puppies in a box and ran next door with them then back and finished drafting while I made sure the snake didn't make further progress into the house. Then during deck building the snake and I agreed it was better for the snake to be outside again and the puppies had grown tired of sitting in a box so they got back home. I won that draft but I don't think I'm associating myself in particular with an animal while playing Magic. :)

Season Name MTGO Name Season Championship Format
2012 Magic Online
Dmitriy Butakov Butakov N/A
1 Rune Tikær Andersen Roon Legacy
2 Gabriel Rogasner Alloran Standard
3 Valeriano Villanueva Accord3 Gatecrash Sealed
4 Tamás Glied Mazuku94 Magic 2013 Sealed
5 Ondřej Stráský straca3 RTR Block Constructed
6 Hannes Kerem Paanika Modern Masters Sealed
7 Seth Manfield egdirb RTR Block Sealed
8 Bing Luke prolepsis9 Modern
9 David Kaufmann youhavenogame Magic 2014 Sealed
10 Farand Lee Riand Theros Sealed
11 Anssi Alkio Anssi A Standard
12 Cory Lack cjlack92 Cube Sealed
POY - Constructed Paul Nemeth Zwischenzug Standard
POY - Limited Lars Dam Malavi Theros Sealed
LCQ Bruno Dias Bruno_Overlord Theros Sealed

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