Pro Tour–San Diego in Review

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The letter T!he 2010 Magic Pro Tour season kicked off in San Diego, and now it's time to see how the dust has settled. The first Pro Tour of the season showcased Worldwake's introduction to Standard. Did Jund remain the juggernaut everyone thought it would be? What new cards changed the metagame? Paul Jordan crunched the numbers for all the major deck archetypes. If you're looking for the hard numbers on what beat what, you won't want to miss it.

Pro Tour Statistician Rich Hagon sat down with San Diego champion Simon Görtzen just minutes after the trophy had been awarded. You can listen to the podcast via the player to the right, or go to the Podcast page to download it.

And if you missed the Top 8 webcast, Evan Erwin has edited the finals down to highlight clips that you can watch right here. If you want the full story, sit back and check out the complete Top 8 videos.

Game 1: Simon Görtzen vs. Kyle Boggemes

Game 2: Simon Görtzen vs. Kyle Boggemes

Game 3: Simon Görtzen vs. Kyle Boggemes

Game 4: Simon Görtzen vs. Kyle Boggemes

Game 5: Simon Görtzen vs. Kyle Boggemes

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