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The letter A!n increasingly popular Constructed format on Magic Online is Pauper. Because it consists of relatively plentiful commons, the barrier to entry is fairly low. But that doesn't mean the power level of the format is!

Deck Construction Rules

The basic points of deck construction for Pauper are:

  • 60-card deck (minimum)
  • 4-copy limit (except basic lands)
  • 0-card or 15-card sideboard (exactly)
  • Only cards that have been printed as commons in a set released on Magic Online

Pauper follows all the usual deckbuilding guidelines for Constructed formats (at least sixty cards, no more than four copies of any card except basic lands, fifteen-card sideboard or no sideboard), but with one major limitation: every card must have been released on Magic Online as a common. As long as a card has been released in a set on Magic Online at the common rarity slot at least once, it's legal in the format.

Finding Commander on Magic Online Wide Beta

  1. Choose Game Type
  2. Choose tournament style or skill level
  3. Choose your deck (Magic Online will auto-select the correct format)
  4. Choose any additional options (such as "Multiplayer")
  5. Click Next Game in Open Play or choose your tournament from the results and join

Details and B&R List

Despite its restriction, Pauper can produce some seriously powerful decks—including ones that can win on turn two. Like most formats, Pauper has some dominant decks, but the dominant deck shifts over time, giving the format a fair amount of variance. That said, decks popular in other Constructed formats frequently find their common-filled equivalents in Pauper: Storm, Delver, Infect, and various control decks have all dominated Pauper at one point in the past year.

The following cards are banned in Pauper tournaments:

Recent Top Decks

Here are some sample decks that recently went 4–0 in Magic Online Pauper Daily Events:

Pauper – 4–0, Magic Online Pauper Daily, December 18

Pauper – 4–0, Magic Online Pauper Daily, December 18

Pauper – 4–0, Magic Online Pauper Daily, December 17

Main Deck

60 cards

19  Forest

19 lands

Blight Mamba
Glistener Elf
Ichorclaw Myr
Rot Wolf

15 creatures

Apostle's Blessing
Mutagenic Growth
Predator's Strike
Ranger's Guile
Vines of Vastwood

26 other spells

Apostle's Blessing
Hornet Sting
Nature's Claim
Ranger's Guile

15 sideboard cards

Pauper – 4–0, Magic Online Pauper Daily, December 17

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