80,000 Words (with Director's Commentary), Part II

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The letter S!o I had this crazy idea of doing a column with director's commentary of a previous article. The perfect choice seemed to be 80,000 Words, my eighty-picture photo tour of Wizards as it had very few words (the least of any article I've ever done). If all this sounds unfamiliar to you, that's because you missed my column from two weeks ago where I did part I of my director's commentary article. (Seriously, read it first if you haven't already.) Why did I break it up into two parts? Well, apparently the old dictum is true—pictures get much more done than words.

When last we left our tour, I was just about to take you all to the best floor in the building, floor 3. Why is floor 3 the best floor? If you don't know the answer to that you just haven't been reading long enough to figure out how large my ego actually is. Yes, floor 3 is the home of R&D. What floor could be more compelling than that? If nothing else, I have a lot more to say about floor 3 than any of the other three floors. But enough of my chatting without pictures. Onward!

As I said during Part I, I didn't plan out what I was going to say. This panel does include a joke I've been making every since we moved into the new building. I believe the picture is from some Dungeons & Dragons product but every time we pass it, I make a rum joke.

You'll notice that there is a whole lot of art based on our games hanging on the walls in the building. Basically, we like our art and have made the conscious decision to put it all over the walls. The interesting thing is that the people who select the art aren't necessary the people who play the particular games. This means we have quite a bit of cool art on stuff people don't use much scattered around the building. Nonetheless, I think it's great we use our own stuff to be our art.

Here's how meeting rooms got named. When we moved into the new building each section got to name the rooms in its area of the floor. Thus (as we'll see in a moment), all the R&D meeting rooms (bar one) got named after Magic cards.

Here are a few of the names of meeting rooms in the building:

Transporter Room
10 Forward
The Wampa Cave
Moon Base Alpha
The Bridge
The Old Curiosity Shoppe
Easy Bake Oven
Dragon's Nest
The Matrix
Grand Central Station
The Forbidden Room
The Computer Lab
Bag End
Lost Temple
The Havoc Room
Area 51
Gilligan's Island
The Abyss
The Swamp
And, of course, Graceland

I tried to convince another section to name one of their rooms Carnegie Hall as I thought it would be fun to answer the question "How do I get to Carnegie Hall?" with "Practice." It turns out, Carnegie Hall didn't have the kind of geek cred needed to warrant a room name.


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