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The letter I!t's Fate Week here at What does that mean, exactly? Well, from time to time we get open-ended, purposely vague themes that we, the authors, can do with whatever we like. Well, if it was Fate Week, I decided I needed to leave my very topic to fate itself. On a related note, it dawned on me that I haven't done a Topical Blend column in a long time (the last one being back in 2007).

For those who might not have been reading Making Magic since the invention of the phonograph, here's how a Topical Blend column works: I take a Magic topic voted upon by my readers and a non-Magic topic voted upon by my readers and write a column blending the two together.

Topical Blend #1 was called "To Err Is Human" and had me mixing my Top Ten Design Mistakes with Girls. This led to my personal favorite column of all time.

Topical Blend #2 had no name and combined Pros and Cons of Adding a Sixth color with "Mark Rosewater Admits He's %#@$ Insane!" (The latter was a running joke on a Magic humor site where about once a week someone would start a thread with that topic.) My column was mocked up to look like that website's message boards, so when you started the article you went right to what looked like a message board talking about the article where I discussed making a sixth color. This shtick confused a lot of readers. It was a really cool article, but when we changed over to one of our new (now old) systems, we lost all the formatting and the article is now hard to read and has none of its original charm. You can go see it here but it really is just a shell of its former self.

Topical Blend #3 was called "Sessions" and combined The Top Ten Coolest Creatures Ever Designed with Dungeons & Dragons. I wrote this Topical Blend back in 2007.

I figured it was time for Topical Blend #4, and since it was Fate Week, instead of letting the audience vote on which two topics to combine, I let Fate decide. Here's how it worked: I collected Magic and non-Magic topics from my tweeps on Twitter. Then for the Magic topics I removed any topic that wasn't a design issue (the FFL is a great topic for an article, but for Zac, as he actually plays in the FFL) or was something I'd already written about. Once that was done, I randomly picked a topic from each one.

Here's what I got for the Magic topic:

tehCorinthian @maro254 Best designed cards of each set. HOF/history of card design. Everyone loves lists!

For the non-Magic topic:

seanFsmith @maro254 Magic. As in, prestidigitation, conjuring, voodoo.

I almost rerolled the first pick because so many of my Topical Blends talk about specific cards, but it was a topic I hadn't covered and I did say I was going to let Fate choose. As I didn't have the space to talk about the best card for more than fifty sets, I decided to condense it down to the best card of each block for the ten most recent blocks (also the ten blocks available in Modern).

Okay, so what do the best cards of the last ten blocks of Magic and magic (lowercase) have in common?

Click here to find out.

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