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The letter W!elcome to Fuse Week. I already talked about the origin of the fuse mechanic during the second week of Dragon's Maze previews, so today, instead, I thought I would focus on how we expand upon mechanics when we bring them back. Keeping in the spirit of Fuse Week, I've written two mini-articles about this topic.

The first mini-article is called "New" and it explains mechanically what we look for when we try to advance an already-existing mechanic. Read "New" here.

The second mini-article is called "Improved." It talks about the first time I tried to bring back a keyword mechanic and the exploration of new design space I went through. Read "Improved" here.

If you so desire, you can fuse these two articles together and read "New & Improved" here.

Drive to Work #32—Future Sight, Part 1

During the Rosewater Rumble, only one set led to two upsets—Future Sight. Today, I talk about the design of this somewhat controversial set.


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