Premier Event Invitation Policy Updates

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The letter T!he Premier Event Invitation Policy for Magic: The Gathering has been updated. The update contains a number of clarifications to existing policies as well as other additions based on previously announced Magic Online- and Grand Prix-related items. The policy can be viewed here.

Section 5—Planeswalker Points-based Invitations and Byes

In subsection iii, clarification has been added on the items that are determined by Professional Points Season. The 2012–2013 season (which runs until May 19, 2013) is used to determine mid-season advancement as well as new Pro Club levels during the following season.

Section 8—Magic: The Gathering World Championship

Wording has been added to the "Invitation Criteria" section to clarify how invitations pass down should a player have invitations based on more than one invitation criteria. In such cases, a player would keep all the invitations he or she has earned and more "At-Large" invitations would be added to bring the total invitations to 16.

Section 9—World Magic Cup

Wording has been added to the "Invitations Pass-Downs" section to explain how invitations are awarded if a player wins a World Magic Cup Qualifier and subsequently is determined to be the Top Professional player in a country. In such a case, the next-highest finishing player from that World Magic Cup Qualifier would be awarded an invitation.

Section 10—Pro Tour

Additional invitation criteria have been added to bring the policy language in line with already-announced Magic Online-related items. The winners of MOCS, MOCS Player of the Year, and MOCS Last Chance Qualifiers now receive Pro Tour invitations.

The language about invitations for Pro Club Gold and Platinum members has been cleared up to address confusion about the Pro Tours to which these members are invited. Gold and Platinum members are invited to a Pro Tour as long as they have that level as of the start date of the Pro Tour.

Section 11—Pro Tour Qualifiers

The "Pro Tour Qualifier eligibility" section has been updated with previously announced criteria. Players invited from a Grand Prix are not eligible to play in Pro Tour Qualifiers and the list has been updated to include the different possible invitation scenarios (four-slot vs. eight-slot individual Grand Prix and two-slot vs. four-slot team Grand Prix).

Clarification language has also been added to address confusion about whether Platinum Pro Club members can play in Pro Tour Qualifiers for a Pro Tour that will take place when the player would no longer be a Platinum Pro Club member. If a player has not yet met the point threshold to become a Platinum Pro Club member for the next season, he or she may play in Pro Tour Qualifiers.

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