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If you're reading this, that means the grand reveal has happened and you're enjoying the all-new From a significant improvement in layout and design to additional daily content and enhanced localization across all nine languages, we hope there's something for every fan to enjoy.

We burned the midnight oil to get it ready for public viewing on Tuesday, but we know we're not perfect. You'll likely encounter a few broken images here and there, and a link you expected to work might not be quite right at launch. But rest assured, we're transitioning from tackling launch-priority bugs to the types of bugs that are annoyances but don't impact the actual functioning of the site.

As you take time to explore what the new site has to offer, we look forward to hearing your feedback on what you like, what still needs improvement, and anything that, well, just looks out of place. So head to those forums and let us know all about it!

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