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The letter A!pril First is coming, but we won't be fooling around on this day.

Phooling around, though? Well, that's a different story! Behold, April Phool's!

Get a Magic Online promo of Darksteel Relic for playing!

Beginning Monday, March 31, at 12:30 PM PDT and continuing until downtime on April 2, we're planning eight—count 'em: 8!—eight-booster Phantom Sealed formats to play. These are not your everyday formats, either:

  • Heavy Metal
  • The Erik Lauer Experience
  • The Weatherlight Saga
  • Cycling Time!
  • Core Crazy!
  • Tribes
  • Sliver Farm
  • Woooo Berg!

I bet you're asking yourself questions like, "Pray, what constitutes an Erik Lauer Experience?" To which I would enthusiastically reply, "Ahh! Such delights await you in the Erik Lauer Experience! You can experience this Experience—and more—for just 10 Event Tickets, or 16 Phantom Points!"

Then you might say something like, "Dude, you're weird," and I would just nod in the affirmative. But therein dwells the fun—nay! The PHUN!—behind April Phool's: Join an event to discover which of those special 8-booster April Phool's Phantom Sealed formats you'll be playing, and then what booster packs make up that format!


April Phool's Phantom 8-Booster Sealed Event
START TIMES Monday, March 31, 12:30 PM PDT (19:30 UTC) until downtime on Wednesday, April 2. Events run every hour on the half-hour, and rotate randomly between eight special April Phool's formats.
LOCATION Scheduled Events room.
Option 1 Option 2
10 Event Tickets 16 Phantom Points
PRODUCT Magic Online will provide eight Phantom booster packs for this event. Booster pack sets will vary depending on the special April Phool's format. Cards that players draft and play with in a Phantom event are not added to those players' collections.
SIZE 16-256 players.
FORMAT 8-Booster Phantom Sealed with the following special April Phool's format themes:
  • Heavy Metal
  • The Erik Lauer Experience
  • The Weatherlight Saga
  • Cycling Time!
  • Core Crazy!
  • Tribes
  • Sliver Farm
  • Woooo Berg!
DURATION 30 minutes deck-building time. Four rounds, Swiss pairings, each round up to 50 minutes.
Match Wins Prizes QPs
4 3 Odyssey booster packs
3 Torment booster packs
3 Judgment booster packs
16 Phantom Points
Darksteel Relic premium promo card
3 1 Odyssey booster pack
1 Torment booster pack
1 Judgment booster pack
16 Phantom Points
Darksteel Relic premium promo card
2 5 Phantom Points 0
ADDITIONAL PRIZE: All participants in this event will receive a regular promo version of Darksteel Relic.

OK, ok... If you just can't stand not knowing what's behind the formats, and you want to spoil ALL that potential joy you could otherwise revel in, click the links below to find out which sets are in each.

But before you do, know this: Every time you click a link below, a Pestermite somewhere dies horribly.

Heavy Metal
The Weatherlight Saga
Wooo Berg!
Core Crazy
Erik Lauer Experience
Cycling Time!
Sliver Farm

Clayton Kroh
Clayton Kroh
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Clayton Kroh is a veteran of the videogame industry and a fiction writer. He started with Wizards of the Coast in July of 2013 as a digital content specialist for and contributes creative content to Magic whenever he has the opportunity.

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