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Mondays can be hard, but this Monday was one of the hardest yet when I learned that Erik Friborg, MTGO’s “Hamtastic” had passed away over the weekend.

The main reason I work in the game industry is because of how important I believe gameplay can be as a social enabler and as a learning tool. Erik believed this as well and took it upon himself to personally help as many other players find the fun in gaming and to welcome new Magic players into the greater community.

From his valuable work as a moderator and welcomer in his VCL and Orc roles here at Wizards to his numerous well-written articles and Podcasts on PureMTGO Erik went out of his way to encourage and support Magic gameplay and Magic Online players. He was the most enthusiastic member of the winning team at the 1st Community Cup and provided in-depth live coverage of that event as well as the MTGO Live event at PT Austin where I first met him face to face. His smile and willingness to help everyone he could at these events was inspiring to see.

Erik then took his love of gaming one step further and created a new gaming hub for local players called Accidentally Cool Games, which is what I hope to do when I retire.

Erik embodied the spirit of good sportsmanship and advocacy by his attitudes and his actions and the gaming world seems a little darker with his loss.

Erik would want us to persevere though and continue to support our community and our love of games. I plan on continuing to follow his inspiring example and hope others can step up and find their own inner Hamtastic as well.

Rest in Peace my friend. You are sorely missed.

Please share your thoughts and memories of Erik.

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