2010 Community Cup Updates!

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The letter T!he 2010 Community Cup is going on this week! Follow the Community Cup results and root your team on! Don't forget to follow additional coverage on Robot Viking,, and the Magic Online Group page.

The letter W!ant to meet your 2010 Magic Online Community Cup Team members in person? Want to preview the new Archenemy decks before they are on sale? Want to get a few games in against Wizards of the Coast employees?

If so, bring your Standard or EDH decks and join us at 6pm Tuesday, June 8th at Uncle's Games in the Crossroads Mall in Bellevue. This year the Community Team and a handful of Wizards staff will be hanging out and playing Magic, so come on by and say hello, play some games, and just have a good time.

See you there!

The letter T!he Community Team has begun to arrive in beautiful Renton, WA, chomping at the bit to square off against the Wizards of the Coast Team and battle for glory and a Mirrodin block draft for the public at large! Make sure you have made your contribution to the Community Cup threads so you too can reap the rewards of a Community Team victory!

Use the schedule below to follow along in Magic Online and root for your team!

Event Date Time
Game Night at Uncle’s Games Tuesday, June 8 6pm to 10pm PDT
Mirrodin Block Draft Wednesday, June 9 2pm to 6pm PDT
Rise of the Eldrazi Sealed Deck Thursday, June 10 9am to 12 noon PDT
Commander Unified Constructed Thursday, June 10 2pm to 6pm PDT
Standard Unified Constructed Friday, June 11 9am to 12 noon PDT

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