Team Grand Prix Prize Payout Expanded

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The letter F!ollowing up the recent announcement about the increases to Grand Prix prize money starting in December 2013, we are excited to announce that team Grand Prix will have a similar expansion to the prize pool.

Place Prize Money Pro Points
1 $8,100 6
2 $5,400 5
3–4 $3,000 4
5–8 $2,025 3
9–12 $1,275 2
13–16 $1,125 1
17–20 $1,050 0
21–24 $900 0
25–36 $750* 0
37–51 $600* 0
*Based on attendance
Prize money listed is awarded by team, Pro Points awarded by player. All prizes displayed in US Dollars. Prizes subject to change.

Starting with Grand Prix Kyoto in November, the minimum prize pool will be $45,000 and pay down to 24th place (by team). Like with individual Grand Prix, the prize pool for team Grand Prix will grow based on player attendance. If Grand Prix attendance is 400–799 teams, $54,000 in prize money will be paid out down to 36th place. If attendance is 800 or more teams, $63,000 in prize money will be paid out down to 51st place.

The Top 2 teams also earn invitations and airfare to a future Pro Tour. If Grand Prix attendance is 400 teams or more, Top 4 finishing teams earn invitations and airfare, and all teams with 36 or more match points who do not make Top 4 earn invitations.

This new prize structure will be in place starting with Grand Prix Kyoto (November 22–24, 2013). The 2014 Grand Prix schedule features four team Grand Prix: Barcelona (February 28–March 2, 2014), São Paulo (May 30–June 1, 2014), Portland (August 8–10, 2014), and Nashville (October 31–November 2, 2014).

A full breakdown of prize payouts at individual and team Grand Prix can be found here.

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