Magic Online Commander Format Updates

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We are happy to announce that as part of the Innistrad card set deployment we have made some updates to the Commander format.

First, we have increased the maximum number of players who can play Commander from four to six allowing even more flexibility in multiplayer matches. Now the game creator can start a game with anywhere from 3 to 6 players, all he or she has to do is either wait until all six players join and let the game fire automatically or 'Close Entry' after the desired number of players has joined and click 'Start'.

We are also pleased to announce that for the first time players can create 2-player Commander games in the Casual Decks room or the Anything Goes room and square off mano a mano against other Commander players! Players have often asked for this feature and we are pleased to be able to deliver it along with Innistrad.

In order to create a 2-player game, select Commander in both the second 'Type' dropdown menu and in the 'Play Structure' dropdown menu, select your Commander deck, and click 'OK'. Once a player joins the game will fire!

2-Player Commander

In addition, if you would like to test your Commander deck in solitaire mode, just click the 'Close Entry' button after you create your game and then click 'Start'! A single-player Commander game will launch and you will be able to test away.

Close Entry

We hope you enjoy the changes and we look forward to bringing you more improvements in the future. Don't forget that Innistrad prerelease events begin in Magic Online on October 13 and Innistrad will be available for sale the Magic Online Store on October 17.

Have fun!

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