Invasion Block (IPA) Sealed Deck Tournament XV

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The letter T!he Phyrexians are invading Dominaria. The strong will fall. The swift will perish. The rich will burn. Because there is only one way to fight the Phyrexians - together.

Play with a favorite classic block and compete for great prizes!

Invasion Block Sealed Deck Tournament XV

START TIME: Sunday November 29, 2009 11:00 AM PDT / 1800 UTC.

SIZE: 33 players minimum, 512 players maximum.

DURATION: 6 rounds. Play in all six rounds, win or lose!

LOCATION: Premier Events room.

ADMISSION: 30 Event Tickets (tournament product will be supplied)

PRODUCT PROVIDED: 2 Invasion™ (INV) boosters, 2 Planeshift™ (PLS) boosters, and 2 Apocalypse™ (APC) boosters.

PRIZE SUPPORT: Prizes are based on the total match points at the end of the tournament. Each match win awards 3 points and each loss awards 0 points.

Points Product Prize
18 1 complete premium foil set – winner’s choice of any Invasion block expansion
15 15 booster packs (5 INV, 5 PLS, 5 APC)
12 9 booster packs (3 INV, 3 PLS, 3 APC)
9 3 booster packs (1 INV, 1 PLS, 1 APC)

All players in the IPA XV tournament will receive a Life/Death promo card. Players with 15 or more match points at the end of the tournament will also get a premium foil version of the Life/Death promo card.

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