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The letter L!et Richard Hagon be your guide through Pro Tour–Honolulu, the second Pro Tour of the 2009 season. If you're not a regular reader of event coverage, this is a great starting place to learn the top players and storylines that have shaped this season. With exclusive player interviews, analysis of deckbuilding strategies, explanations of formats and the PT season, and much more, it's a cornucopia of information.


You can listen to each segment in the player to the right, or you can click on the link to listen to the file in your browser or right-click Save As to download to your computer. If you have iTunes installed on your computer, click here and you'll be directed to the Magic: The Gathering podcast in the iTunes directory.

  • Honolulu in Review (13.1 MB)
  • Want to re-live the excitement that was Pro Tour–Honolulu? It's all right here!

  • Friday, 10:55 a.m.: Magic in Paradise (18.1 MB)
  • Three hundred and ninety-six players have made it to this island idyll, but only one will walk away with the perfect memory of the trophy, the 25 Pro Points and the $40,000 in prize money. In our first audio offering, we go inside the ropes for Round One, meeting a stack of the players who could be back to battle on Super Sunday. The metagame shapes up, and the first wins and losses are notched. It's showtime!

  • Friday, 7:11 p.m.: Hawaii 5-0, Hawaii 8-0 (13.8 MB)
  • It's the last round of Day One, and in the Arena three fantastic Feature Matches await. By the end of them, at least two players will stand atop the pile on a mightily impressive perfect eight wins. Brian Kibler and Sebastian Thaler go head to head at 7-0. Zac Hill tests his 7-0 start against the 6-1 Osamu Fujita of Japan, and in our third match, the reigning Player of the Year Shuhei Nakamura attempts to outwit online talent Brad Nelson, with both players standing at 5-2. All the action, plus end-of-day interviews with the winners, as Pro Tour-Paradise continues.

  • Saturday, 11:08 a.m.: Interlude: Inside Wizards, Part 1 (11.3 MB)
  • With Grand Prix-Seattle/Tacoma taking place last weekend, I got the chance to sit with some of the people who get to make Magic their day job. Later in the day, we'll hear from Tom LaPille and Bill McQuillan. But first, a man whose ideas and concepts echo through the years, from inside Wizards of the Coast R&D, Mr. Erik Lauer.

  • Saturday, 12:45 p.m.: Air Conditioning Unnecessary (15.7 MB)
  • That's right, we don't need air conditioning here in Honolulu, because we're creating a draft all by ourselves. Live from the Arena, we bring you three matchups at the top tables during the Booster Draft rounds. Sebastian Thaler takes on Japan's Kazuya Mitamura. Another Japanese player, Kentarou Nonaka, faces the man who must now be known as Medium Oots, the slimline Rasmus Sibast. And the final undefeated player in the tournament, Zac Hill, lays his perfect record on the line against Tom Ross of the USA. All the action as it happens, with yours truly.

  • Saturday, 2:29 p.m.: Interlude: Inside Wizards, Part 2 (12.3 MB)
  • Following on from our interview with Erik Lauer, we bring you a man who has recently become a member of R&D, Cube and origami addict Tom LaPille. We talk about his career path to Wizards of the Coast, the projects he's working on right now, and what life is really like sitting around playing against Pro Tour champions day after day after day.

  • Saturday, 4:33 p.m.: Interlude: Inside Wizards, Part 3 (10.4 MB)
  • Our final interview from the offices of Wizards of the Coast comes from Bill McQuillan. A man who has worked extensively on games across the company range, Bill is a man who came in the door more than a decade ago, and has found no reason to leave. The ultimate job in gaming? You decide.

  • Saturday, 6:17 p.m.: Down to the Wire (19.0 MB)
  • So here it is, once more into the Arena for three matches where the losers are eliminated for sure, and even the winners must wait to look at the standings. Join us just feet away from a stunning headliner featuring the Pro Tour-Kyoto champion Gabriel Nassif, and the 2007 Player of the Year Tomaharu Saitou. Plus a stellar supporting cast of top contenders – and it's all just the appetiser for the main course Sunday.

You can also access previous studio podcasts by visiting the Podcast Archive.


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